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Environmental Studies Departmental Honors Archive

The following list includes the names of Dickinsonians who have earned departmental honors, the thesis/project title, and the year of conferral. If there is no thesis or project title, the conferring department only will be listed. Each academic department (or program) has its own criteria for awarding departmental honors. Please see the Advising Guide or elsewhere on the department’s main website for details.

Charlotte Lee Kratovil-Lavelle (2024)
Lycopodiaceae (clubmoss) taxa as important habitat for spiders within broader forest ecosystems

Prerana Y Patil (2024)
Rates of Oxic Methane Production in a cyano-dominant, eutrophic reservoir

Riley Reay Kuehn (2023)
The Effects of Dams on Downstream Aquatic Ecosystems

Kathryn Charlotte Stonesmyth (2022)
Thermal Inequity and Racial Segregation; A Study of the Patterns of Heat as a Burden in Carlisle, PA

Quynh Nhu Quynh Truong (2022)
Cover Crops in a Changing Climate: Can Mixtures Mitigate Water Stress?

Isabel Grace Ruff (2021)
Comparing the Effects of Rain Events in Glacial Lakes and Human-Made Reservoirs

Paige E Baisley (2020)
Earthworm Cover Crop Habitat Preference

Rachel Bryce Krewson (2020)
Biogeochemical Cycling of Methane in Icelandic Glacial Melt

Lydia Kottcamp Fox (2019)
Relating Diatom Community Shifts to Environmental Change in Icelandic Freshwater Lakes

Yueli Liang (2019)
Soil, Adelgids, and the Health of Eastern Hemlock Trees

Madaline Boardman Ritter (2019)
The Effects of Dissolved Organic Carbon on Methane Cycling in Lakes

Olivia Rose Termini (2019)
Climate Change and Local Governments: A Case Study in Pennsylvania Water Management and Planning

Louise Josephine Verter (2019)
The Role of Methanotrophs in Aquatic Food Webs

Nicholas Gabuzda (2018)
Size Distribution in Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) Populations, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania

Caroline Rachel Kanaskie (2017)
Foliar Chemistry of the Eastern Hemlock

Natalie B McNeill (2017)
Aquatic Citizen Scientist Motivations: Implications for Recruitment and Retention

Robert Francis Page (2017)
The Influence of Soil Characteristics on Nest Site Selection in Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) at an Anthropogenic Site

Helen Claire Schlimm (2017)
Exploring a Century of Climate-induced Changes in the Plankton of West Greenland Lakes

Tiffany Lee Chin (2016)
Effects of Environmental Changes on Phytoplankton Communities in Lakes

Max Carlos Egener (2016)
Extreme Rain Events and Their Effects on Reservoir Ecology

Rachael Anne Sclafani (2016)
Garlic Mustard: Impacts on Understory Diversity and Competitive interactions

Madison Grace Beehler (2015)
The Impact of the Built Environment on Youth Mentorship

Alexandra Gabrielle Raczka (2015)
Privilege and the Food Environment in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Caryn Marie Sennett (2015)
Disproportionate Environment Burden: Flame Retardant Exposure and Socioeconomic Status

Joan Marie Smedinghoff (2015)
Implementing Public Transit in Town: A Case Study of the Carlisle Circulator

Kaitlin Marie Soriano (2015)
Agroecology and the Dickinson College Farm: A Weed's Place in a Human Manipulated Environment

Tabea Klassen Zimmermann (2015)
Reconstructing the Effects of Multiple Stressors on Algal Communities in Lakes with Differing Concentrations of Dissolved Organic Carbon

Emily Ann Bowie (2014)
Natural Sheep Medicine

Christine Josephine Burns (2014)
Deer as Agents of Seed Dispersal in Forests of Differing Vertical Structure

Jill Marie Hautaniemi (2014)
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Pennsylvania Forests

Anna Elizabeth McGinn (2014)
A Study of Ecological Literacy of First Year College Students

Elizabeth Harrity de la Reguera (2014)
The Nitrogen Footprint of Dickinson College

Annaliese Marie Ramthun (2013)
Assessment IPM Hub Strategy on the Dickinson College Farm

Taylor Marie Wilmot (2013)
Community Engagement and Perceptions of Brownfield Redevelopment in Carlisle, PA

Anna Rose Farb (2012)
Effects of Vermicompost in Potting Soils and Extract Foliar Sprays on Plant Health and Productivity

Junxing Lan (2012)
Evaluation of Impact of Precipitation and Land-Use Change on Stream Flow in Monocacy Creek

Kathryn Scott Tomsho (2012)
A Case Study of Grass Roots Mobilization in the Marcellus Shale Region

Lily Margaret Bieber-Ham (2011)
Population and Nesting Ecology of Painted Turtles (Chrysemys Picta) in Pennsylvania

Kerstin Elisabeth Martin (2011)
The Effects of an Altered Forest Composition due to White-Tailed Deer Herbivory on the Condition of a Pennsylvania Headwater Stream Ecosystem within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Perry County, PA

Maunette Gabriela Makowski (2010)
Metals from Legacy Sediment Sites and Their Impact on Macroinvertebrates in the Yellow Breeches Creek Watershed, Cumberland County, PA

Junxing Lan (2009)
Evaluation of the relationship between land use and physical characteristics in Hogestown Run, PA

Danielle Marie Cioce Ferguson (2008)
The Patterns of Distribution of Organochlorine Pesticides in Sediment in the Letort Spring Run, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Audrey Jean Fisher-Pedersen (2007)
Cultures of Farming in Perry County: Implications for Agro-environmental Management

Robert C Hanifin (2006)
Departmental Honors in Environmental Studies

Meghan Rebecca Klasic (2006)
The Use of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) as a BioIndicator for Letort Spring Run, Cumberland Valley, PA

Scott Lawrence Morello (2006)
An Exploratory Assessment of Bixler Run in Perry County, PA as a Potential Trout Fishery and How it is Affected by Riparian Vegetation

Ruth Mary Oldham (2006)
Transgenic Maize in Mexico: Developing an Efficient and Equitable Regulatory Framework

Sarah E Scow (2006)
Reproductive Adaptations of Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus) to Herbivory and Cache Predation

Colleen May Mason (2005)
Stormwater Management Practices and Challenges: Cedar Run Watershed, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Jessica Martin Durkota (2004)
Impact of White-Tailed Deer on Forest Stand Structure and Composition in a Pennsylvania Wildlife Preserve

Claire Louise Foster (2004)
Spatial Habitat Analysis and Population Modeling of Allegheny Woodrat (Neotoma magister)

Sarah Lynn Pears (2004)
Growth of Surviving Host and Non-Host Trees in a Mixed Deciduous Forest Affected by Gypsy Moth Defoliation

Julie Diane Vastine (2003)
Departmental Honors in Environmental Studies

Angela M Wallis (2002)
Departmental Honors in Environmental Studies

Christiana Grace Briddell (2001)
The Use of Activated Carbon to Determine Allelopathic Suppression of Lettuce Germination by Cover Crops

Erik Ivan Johnson (2001)
The Impact of the Huntsdale Fish Hatchery's Discharge on the Diatom Communities in the Yellow Breeches Creek, Cumberland County, PA

Daniel Evan Jannone (2000)
Departmental Honors in Environmental Science