Internship Experience (Transcript Notation Program)

Work experiences that are primarily practice-focused or service-oriented in nature would qualify for the Internship Notation Program. The internship should have an environmental focus.

Examples of the types of work experiences that would qualify for the Internship Notation Program may include (though are not limited to):

  • Work at one of the on-campus co-curricular programs, such as CSE, the Farm, ALLARM or the Biodiesel Shop.
  • Work at an environmental consulting firm or environmental law firm.
  • A summer position with a state or federal agency, such as National Park Service or PA Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Work with an environmental advocacy group or a non-profit organization with a focus on environmental issues.
  • Work in the field of environmental education.

Process for Receiving Internship Notation: 

The Career Center supervises and approves the Internship notation. Students register for the program through the Student Forms tab in Gateway and work with the Internship Coordinator throughout the duration of the experience. The Environmental Studies Department does not administer the Internship Notation Program, but we are happy to provide help in finding appropriate internships. Students with questions about the Internship Notation Program should contact Amity Fox in the Career Center. 

Internship Examples

Surrounded by a variety of local and regional environmental organizations, and located near the state capitol of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Dickinson's ES program has connected students with many valuable internship experiences. For specific information on internships for academic credit and/or paid internships, you should contact your academic advisor and the College Career Center. Potential student internship sites include: