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Proxy Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxy Access provides an opportunity for Dickinson students to grant online access to their student account information, financial aid, and other access using Banner Self-Service. This is called granting “proxy access,” and the other person is referred to as the proxy. The most common scenario is granting a parent or spouse access to a student’s information. Access is granted by the student, who must provide a valid e-mail address for the designated proxy.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Which students can set up Proxy Access?
Any student has the ability to set up Proxy Access. The Proxy Management link is located on the left sidebar menu of the Student Profile in Banner Self Service (SSB) which is accessed through the Gateway.

Can an e-mail address be assigned as a proxy for multiple students?
Yes. Proxies are identified by e-mail address, and that address can be assigned as a proxy for multiple students. This is particularly useful in the case of siblings attending Dickinson.  The proxy email address can not be assigned to more than one proxy user.

Can a proxy user call Dickinson College if they have questions about it?
If a proxy has a question about the functionality of Proxy Access, the proxy should first check the Proxy Access – Proxy (Parent) Instructions and/or Proxy User FAQ. Questions regarding proxy access can be sent to:
What does a student do when that student no longer wants a proxy to have access?
A student can change the Stop Date or Delete Proxy Relationship on the “Profile” tab or remove all checkmarks on the “Authorization” tab. An e-mail will be sent to the proxy, if the student chooses to Delete Proxy Relationship. If the Stop Date is changed, access is valid until midnight of the Stop Date.

What if student enters a wrong e-mail address for their proxy?
The student should Delete Proxy Relationship and create the Proxy Profile again with the correct e-mail address for the proxy.

Can students view who has accessed information through proxy access?
Yes. By expanding the proxy’s profile, the student can click on the “History” tab to review the activity for that proxy. The Web page will display the most recent activity including access to the authorized pages the student granted, information about items being disabled, and details of the proxy’s access including what information has been viewed.

Will my proxy be notified if a modification to access is made including removing authorization?
An e-mail will be sent to the proxy if the student chooses to Delete Proxy Relationship. There is no automated e-mail sent to proxy when authorization checkboxes are changed.

Can a student set a different date range to authorize access to a proxy?
Yes. Students are able to set a start and end date for each proxy. To do this, choose the name of the proxy. On the “Profile” tab, modify the Start and/or Stop Date.

How long does a proxy have to set up proxy access after receiving the new proxy e-mail?
The temporary link and action password sent to the proxy’s e-mail is only valid for five days. If five days have passed and the proxy has not created their proxy access, the student may choose to “Resend” the e-mail from the “Communication” tab, which will be active for the next five days.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

How do parents or legal guardians gain access to Proxy Access?
Users gain access by being granted permission by the student. Once the necessary steps are completed by the student, a designated proxy will receive an e-mail indicating the account has been created. One e-mail will provide a temporary link and the other email will have the action password to complete the authentication process.

Why am I not able to open the PDF to view the billing statement?
To open the PDF to view the monthly invoice, please follow the steps below:
click on Statement & Payment History;
click on View Statement link (the window opens non-readable) close this window;
click the View Statement link again to open the PDF.

What is a PIN?
PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number and is a “password” that must be made up of at least six numbers and is used to log in to Proxy Access.

What should be done if a proxy forgets the PIN?
Go to the Proxy Login page. Enter the e-mail address used to establish your account and click on the Forgot PIN button. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with a unique link and temporary password. You will use this temporary password as the “Old PIN” in the PIN reset process.

Why would only one child’s name appear as a selection for a proxy with more than one child attending Dickinson?
For each student that has identified a person as a proxy, there will be a tab with that student’s name.  When you select a name, you will see the listing of the items that student has authorized you to see. To be in compliance with FERPA, the student has complete control over what information can be viewed by each user. If the student’s name does not appear, that student has not granted proxy access to their account information. The parent should contact the student with questions regarding access.

When a proxy is given access to multiple students, can the access granted be different for each student?
Yes. Each student who grants proxy access to an e-mail address has complete control over the access for their account, including the Start and Stop dates and permission levels.

Can Dickinson staff provide the PIN to a proxy who has forgotten it?
No. College staff and the Help Desk cannot send the PIN. The student who authorized the proxy can log into Banner Self-Service, access the Proxy Access menu, and can click the Reset PIN link. This will resend a link to their proxy allowing them to reset their PIN. Or, once the proxy account has been established, the proxy can request a new PIN by selecting “Forgot PIN” from the Proxy login page.

A proxy used to be able to see the information, but now cannot. What happened?
The student is in control of the information that a proxy can view. If the proxy can no longer see information, the proxy should contact the student.

Can Dickinson staff make updates to what a proxy can view for a student?
No. College staff and the Help Desk cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

A proxy received an e-mail saying the proxy had initiated an e-mail change, when the proxy had not initiated the change. What happened?
When a person changes their email address, the system will send two e-mail messages. The first e-mail is sent to the old address to inform the proxy that a request for a change from this address has occurred. If it was done in error, there is a unique link to click to cancel the change. The second e-mail is sent to the new e-mail address indicating that a change to this address was initiated and a unique link to click confirming the change. If a proxy did not initiate the change, the proxy should click the link to cancel the request. 

A proxy is changing that proxy's e-mail address. What steps should the proxy take?
On the Proxy Access profile page, update the e-mail address and click save. The system will then send two e-mail messages. The first e-mail is sent to the old address to indicate that a request for a change from this address has occurred. The second e-mail is sent to the new e-mail address indicating that a change to this address was initiated. The second e-mail contains a unique link which the proxy should click to confirm the change is correct.

Why doesn’t the Exit link on the Proxy Access home page work?
The reason for this is because you are in Proxy mode. You need to click on the Profile Tab to use the Exit link, or close the browser to exit.