Introduction to Proxy Access

Proxy Access gives students the ability to permit a parent/guardian to view their academic records, monthly invoices and financial aid awards through Banner Self-Service.

The Student Accounts Office is asking for you to be sustainability responsible and ask your student to enroll you as their Proxy for paperless billing. Students have had the ability to view and pay bills online, as well as review financial aid information, and now they have the ability to assign Proxy Access to a parent/guardian of their choosing. Their proxy(ies) will be able to pay bills online and view the following student-related information, provided the student grants access by checking the appropriate box for access:

  • financial information
  • student holds
  • class schedules
  • grades
  • transcripts.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the instructional pages for students and parents that are available in this section, and ask your student to activate your Proxy Access via the Dickinson Gateway today!

Direct any questions to or 717-245-1953.

Students -- Don't forget to ESIGN!

Be sure to complete the ESIGN acknowledgement under the Gateway's E-Billing & Financial Aid channel to receive all of your financial documentation electronically.