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Travel Services

Travel and Related Expense Policy

The college policy on travel and related expenses provides guidelines for domestic and international travel on authorized college business, including the payment or reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by individuals. 

For travel before 1/1/24 - Travel and Expense Reimbursement Form

For travel after 1/1/24 - Travel and Expense Reimbursement Form

Completed travel and expense reimbursement forms approved by department heads and/or senior officers can be sent to Accounts Payable by emailing Please include all applicable receipts and documentation.

Beginning January 1, 2024, the IRS standard mileage rates for the use of a car (including vans, pickups or panel trucks) -- and consequently Dickinson's reimbursement rate -- will be 67 cents per mile for miles driven on Dickinson College business. This compares to a rate of 65.5 cents per mile. The standard mileage rate covers the costs of operating a personal vehicle, including the cost of gas and maintenance. Please do not include gas or maintenance costs when you apply for mileage reimbursement for your personal vehicle.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates 

Print out the appropriate form and present to vendor for tax exempt status

Sustainable Travel 

As an institution focused on sustainability, Dickinson recognizes the impact travel has on our environment and endeavors to promote sustainable travel when feasible and in line with our goals. Examples of sustainable travel options include the following:

  • Use of mass transit options or ride sharing as opposed to single occupancy car travel.
  • Renting a small or mid-sized fuel-efficient vehicle when available.
  • Video conferencing in place of travel to conferences and meetings.
  • Combining trips when possible and flying direct when feasible and cost effective.

Further information on sustainability practices at the college can be obtained by contacting the Center for Sustainability Education.

Uniglobe Travel Designers Information 

We are pleased to announce that Dickinson has teamed with Uniglobe Travel Designers, a full-service travel management company offering over 34 years of experience in he travel industry.

Contact Info

Alicia Ratz






Old West Mailing Address

Uniglobe Profile

Founded in 1981 in Columbus, Ohio, UNIGLOBE travel Designers, Inc. is a minority, women owned, award-winning, full service Travel Management Company offering over 34 years of experience in the travel industry. Our mission is to be the leading and most dependable travel management company in the world, thereby setting the standard for professionalism and reliability to its customers.

UNIGLOBE Travel Designers, which specializes in corporate and leisure travel is part of Uniglobe Travel International, the world’s largest single brand retail travel franchise company with more than 750 locations in more than 60 countries. Through that affiliation, UNIGLOBE Travel Designers can provide the strength of a global network and the commitment of local, hands-on business owners and travel consultants.

Uniglobe Fees

Uniglobe fees are applied at the time of booking travel.  A Dickinson P-Card is required for purchase of all business travel.  If you have not been issued a P-card you may borrow one through the FINOPS office. Please contact Alicia Ratz at extension 8354 or email

Here is a link for all applicable types of bookings and fees available through Uniglobe:

Online Booking

Uniglobe fee only applicable at purchase.

Login to Concur Online Booking Tool

Hours: 24/7

Agency Fees: $8.00 (domestic) | $8.00 (international)

#Online Assistance: (800) 966-6512

Call or Email a Full Service Agent

Call or email a full service booking agent for consultation, quotes or to book travel services. Uniglobe fee only applicable at purchase. Dickinson P-Card required for purchase of all business travel.

Phone: (614) 237-4488

Email: for Individual Travelers
Email: for Group Travel

Hours: M-F 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. EST

Agency Fees: $20.00(domestic) | $30.00(International)

After Hours

Contact an After Hours Agent for emergency requests that cannot be managed during Corporate Travel Planner's normal business hours. Uniglobe fee only applicable at purchase. Dickinson P-Card required for purchase of all business travel.

Phone: (800) 966-6512


Hours: M-F 5:01p.m. to 8:29a.m. EST

All day weekends and holidays


We have updated Totara with links and information related to the Uniglobe information sessions. Click the Totara "Uniglobe" course link below and then click on "enroll me" to access the course page if you have not previously enrolled in this course: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​o​t​a​r​a​.​d​i​c​k​i​n​s​o​n​.​e​d​u​/​c​o​u​r​s​e​/​v​i​e​w​.​p​h​p​?​i​d​=​2​9​3

For further assistance or questions you may email Uniglobe directly at:

Concur Mobile App - Android

Travel Functions on the Concur App

Concur Mobile App- iPhone

Travel Functions on the Concur App

Travel Related Policies


We have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions based on feedback received from employees.  This is intended to be a live document and we will revise accordingly based on additional feedback received from the community.

Why are we doing this?  What are the benefits of using this program?

In the summer of 2018, the Financial Planning Task Force asked Financial Operations to research the potential for cost savings associated with a centralized, third-party travel program.  After analyzing our travel spend and meeting with several vendors over the summer, we were convinced that the opportunity for savings exists under this type of program. 

The objective of this program is to allow the college to take advantage of benefits offered under a centralized program which are not currently available to us.  By presenting our travel spend under one umbrella, we are also able to better negotiate prices with vendors.  We do not expect to limit travel options available to employees and do not expect employees to reduce their overall level of travel because of this program.  The Uniglobe travel portal provides access to air, hotel and car travel worldwide.

Benefits available to the college under this program include:

  • Cost savings – negotiated rates through global networks of agencies; customer protection programs allowing for the waiver of fees for itinerary changes; automated tracking of lower fares after booking until the date of travel. 
  • Convenience and ease of booking – eliminates the need to search multiple sites for best rates (Southwest included); employee profile is saved in the system (rewards, seating preferences, credit card, etc.).
  • Customer service support – 24/7/365 assistance, including assistance while traveling; confirmations, check-in, updates and other functions are all available via the mobile app.
  • Business and individual perks – the college and employees both earn frequent flyer miles for travel booked through the program; employees and others have access to discounted corporate rates for personal travel. 
  • Centralized reporting – ability to monitor spend volume and manage expenses; exception reporting available for supervisors. 
  • Duty of care – ability to quickly find out who is traveling (or plans to travel) in a certain area and contact those individuals via text/email in a crisis situation. 

Will it be mandatory to book travel through this program?

As of July 1, 2022, there will no longer be a mandate to use the Uniglobe system to book travel.  We continue to feel that there is value, both financial and non-financial, to this program and will continue to offer Uniglobe’s service as an option for travelers. 

How does Uniglobe compare to other external travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity , Kayak, etc?   

A financial analysis was conducted in July 2021, concluding that Uniglobe’s standard fare pricing compared favorably to Expedia, Travelocity and Kayak on average for a sample of round-trip flights.  It is important to note that Uniglobe does not offer budget/economy fares on their site due to the restrictions associated with those reservations, as noted below. 

Discount travel vendors often buy up blocks of seats/rooms and resell at a rate which may be lower than the rates available in the Uniglobe portal.  Additionally, hotels and airlines may offer discounted rates within their own websites.  While these rates are appealing, they carry additional financial and operational risks which we must consider as a college. 

Many of the benefits of the Uniglobe program become evident when travel plans are disrupted – Uniglobe is often able to contact vendors on our behalf to re-book travel and waive any associated change fees.   However, they are unable to assist with travel booked outside of the program.  Discount fares typically contain restrictions on changes and flights typically do not allow the traveler to obtain an assigned seat, which means discount travelers are the first to be bumped from an oversold flight.  In these situations, the college bears the risk of losing the entire amount spent on the trip or must pay additional change fees.      

What if I am only booking a one-off, low-cost transaction such as a car rental? 

Uniglobe charges a per-transaction fee whether the transaction involves an entire trip or an individual item, such as a car rental.  Using the Uniglobe portal will ensure access to any discounts and insurance coverage available to the college.   

Local relationships may also be managed outside of the Uniglobe portal.  For example, the local Enterprise office uses national Enterprise rates but works directly with departments to manage on-campus drop off and pick up of vehicles.  Under these circumstances, if Uniglobe’s assistance is not required, it may make more sense to book directly with the local vendor.   However, it is important to make sure any discounted rates or additional insurance coverage available to Dickinson are applied when booking travel outside of the Uniglobe portal.  This may be accomplished by linking individual rewards programs (e.g. National/Enterprise Emerald Club) to Dickinson’s account or by identifying your relationship with Dickinson when booking a reservation. 

Can I book a reservation through Airbnb?

Yes, Airbnb options will be provided when searching for hotels in Uniglobe.  When selecting an Airbnb reservation, the portal will push the user to his/her personal account for login to the Airbnb site.  Please note, if a personal card is saved in the user’s Airbnb profile, then the booking will be made with a personal card.  Users will need to add a Dickinson card to their Airbnb account if they want to use this as an option for booking. 

What about other forms of travel – trains, taxis, ride sharing services?

In addition to air, hotel and car reservations, Uniglobe is able to book dinner reservations, show reservations, golf times, limo, Amtrak, transfers/shuttles, buses, conferences, meeting rooms, audio/visual rentals, conference break and meals and a variety of other services (some of these will require booking via phone instead of online). 

Other local transportation, such as local trains, subways, taxis and other ride sharing services are not available through Uniglobe.  Travelers should continue to book these services outside of the portal.   

When should I purchase travel insurance or refundable tickets? 

Travel insurance and/or refundable tickets should not be necessary under this program since Uniglobe is able to obtain waivers of change fees and the college’s blanket global medical insurance policy includes coverage for trip cancellations under extreme circumstances.  However, the use of insurance may be considered necessary if there is a high likelihood of a cancellation or if a traveler anticipates making multiple itinerary changes before traveling.  We again ask that you reach out to us before traveling to discuss the need for these additional costs.  Refundable tickets will show up during travel searches but are typically much more expensive than a standard non-refundable ticket. 

Am I still required to carry the sales tax exemption form when traveling?

Uniglobe forwards the college’s sales tax exemption information to vendors electronically at the time of booking.  However, not all vendors accept exemption information electronically and we recommend travelers print off the appropriate exemption form and present the form in person at check-in to ensure the exemption has been properly applied to the reservation. 

In addition to hotels and vehicle rentals, the college is typically exempt from sales taxes charged at restaurants and other locations, depending on the exemption in each state.  A full listing of sales tax exemptions available to employees can be found on the Financial Operations website and should be presented to vendors when traveling in, or purchasing from a vendor located in, any one of the states noted on the website.

Can I book my personal travel through this program?

Yes, the Uniglobe system will ask the traveler if the trip is for business or personal use before booking.  Employees can save their personal credit card information in the system in addition to their college information.  Both the college and the individual earn additional rewards for all bookings made in the portal. 

The same goes for travel booked on behalf of college visitors.  Travel can be booked for a ‘guest’ in the Uniglobe system.  

I don’t have a Dickinson purchasing card, can I have my central administrator prepay for my hotel?

Yes, prepaying a hotel charge is an option in the Uniglobe portal but Uniglobe charges an additional fee for this service since it is a manual process which involves having the hotel create an invoice for Uniglobe to apply to the credit card.  When traveling, you will still need to present a card to the hotel for incidentals or additional charges made during your stay.  Loaner cards are available in Financial Operations by contacting Lisa Sweet at

Can I use my personal credit card to pay for travel?

The college encourages the use of Dickinson purchasing cards for business travel when feasible, but also allows employees to use personal credit cards and seek reimbursement.  It is important to note that the college’s sales tax exemption may not be accepted in states which require the direct use of college funds to pay for transactions.  If you travel on college-related business on a regular basis, we suggest obtaining a college Purchasing Card

A personal credit card must be used when booking personal travel. 

Can I book first-class travel through the Uniglobe portal?

First class travel is not available online and is not allowed to be booked with college funds, in accordance with the Travel and Related Expenses policy.  If a traveler wishes to use his/her own funds for first-class, the reservation should first be booked with standard seating and the traveler should call Uniglobe to pay for the upgrade. 

Uniglobe can unblock premium (not first-class) seating at no fee, depending on availability.  This may include seats with extra leg room, seats near the front of the plane, etc.  Travelers should call Uniglobe to check on availability after first reserving a standard seat.     

What if I need to cancel a trip?

If travel is booked through the Uniglobe portal, travelers can cancel online, through the mobile app or by calling Uniglobe.  It is best to call Uniglobe when cancelling reservations that include hotels.  If the hotel reservation is within the penalty period, Uniglobe will call the hotel before cancelling and work with the hotel to try to waive any late cancellation penalties.  If the reservation is cancelled online before Uniglobe calls the hotel, the hotel will generally not work with them to waive fees.

What is the process for using credits from cancelled non-refundable tickets?

Credits are typically issued to the named traveler who cancelled the reservation and must be used for business purposes within a year of the original issue date.  If the named traveler does not anticipate traveling for business within the year, the credit may be transferred to another employee within the same department/division. 

Airlines typically impose a $200 change fee (plus a $100 name change fee, if applicable) when a credit is applied. This is in accordance with the airlines’ change fee policy at the time of the initial reservation. When using an existing credit, please contact Uniglobe by phone to book the new reservation.  Once the new reservation is in place, Uniglobe will reach out to the airline and request a waiver of the change fees.  There is no guarantee that the change fees will be waived, but Uniglobe has historically had success in obtaining waivers. 

Financial Operations obtains a monthly report of unused credits and will follow up with departments to ensure a plan is in place to use credits before they expire.