Staff, Apprentices and Students

Jenn Halpin

Jenn is the Director and Farm Manager of the Dickinson College Farm. After graduating from Providence College, she joined the Peace Corps where she developed her interest in sustainable agriculture while living in West Africa and working with farmers. As the farm manager, Jenn provides students with hands-on training in sustainable food production and supports faculty and students with on-going research, class-based collaborations and internships.

Jenn served as the President of the Board of Directors for Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). She is an active member in our regional local food movement and founding member of Farmers on the Square, a vibrant producer-only farmers’ market in Carlisle. 

Matt Steiman

Matt has been farming organic vegetables since 1993, working on farms in Colorado, California and Minnesota before settling in the Cumberland Valley. For five seasons, Matt managed Fulton Farm at Wilson College where he learned the ropes of running an educational CSA program, and also developed initial experience with renewable energy systems. Matt and Jenn then ran their own farm on rented ground for two seasons before signing on as the full-time farmers at Dickinson College in 2007. In addition to regular farm duties at the Dickinson Farm, Matt supervises equipment maintenance, irrigation, sheep and cattle, and also works extensively with solar energy projects and biodiesel fuel applications for the college.

Duane Miller

Hailing from Boiling Springs, Duane has a background in French Fusion cuisine and is a longstanding member of the local restaurant community. After three years as our Assistant Packing House Manager, Duane joins us for the 2018 season in his new capacity as Packing House Manager. 

When not at work, you will likely find Duane spending quality time with his twin daughters and wife, organizing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or lost in literary fiction. A proud townie, Duane is a familiar face at Carlisle Kung Fu as a martial arts student and on the Dickinson Campus in his role as GATHER head chef. We look forward to having Duane around the farm more often!

Cheryl Lusk

Cheryl is the Administrative Assistant for the College Farm. She oversees the budgets, finances and behind the scenes goings on at the farm. She also manages our weekly CSA, serving over 100 members during the 30 week growing season. When she's not helping the farm, you can find her with her family, traveling and seeking out new adventures.

Margaret McGuirk

Margaret is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Dickinson College Farm. She graduated from Dickinson College in May 2018 with a degree in English. This is Margaret’s first position at the Dickinson College Farm, but she comes from a background of family farming in Maryland and is a life-long equestrian. 

When she is not at work, Margaret can be found reading medieval literature, talking about The Lord of the Rings, or watching soapy Netflix shows. She proudly maintains her title of “Dog Mom” by training service puppies for Susquehanna Service Dogs.

Margaret is excited to be a part of the Farm team and looks forward to connecting with their fans through social media and outreach programming.

Farm Apprentices

We welcome four full-time apprentices to the farm every spring. These apprenticeships last six months, May-October. Candidates are recent Dickinson graduates. The program allows graduates to work as assistant farm managers and gain experience in seasonal farm planning. Apprentices live in one of the farm's three yurts, inspired by the traditional Mongolian-style hut.

Because the yurts and shower are powered by solar arrays, farm apprentices are challenged to live within their energy needs and adapt their lifestyles in a more sustainable manner.

Farm Student Workers

The farm employs fifteen-eighteen Dickinson students during the academic year (part-time) and six students over the summer (full-time).