Welcome to the Dickinson College Community Garden

Sage at the Dickinson Community Garden

Now accepting applications for the 2023 gardening season!

The Dickinson College Community Garden (DCCG) is located on the western edge of the campus, directly across the street from the baseball field at Dickinson Park. The enclosed garden presently contains 36 beds: smaller 4’x10’ beds and larger 10’x10’ ones for those who are more ambitious.

The garden for community use includes two water spigots and hoses, a tool shed with tools, a blueberry patch, and an herb garden. In addition, compost from the Dickinson College organic farm and wood chips from the college arborists are periodically available for use. All community gardeners are responsible for sharing and maintaining these garden assets.

The cost of a garden plot in the 2023 season is $25 for a small bed (4’x10’) and $35 for a large bed (10’x10’).

The growing season runs from March 1st to October 31st, when all plots need to be “put to bed” for the winter. Gardeners are strongly encouraged to clean their beds at the end of the season but also mulch them for the winter.

Because of our garden's popularity and our gardeners' dedication from year to year, we maintain a waiting list for the following season. Please fill out the APPLICATION FORM to be added to the waitlist. We will contact you when a plot becomes available.

Our community garden prohibits using ALL synthetic chemicals such as fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. Instead, we maintain the garden as an organic garden in keeping with the college’s sustainability and environmental stewardship goals. Please see “Questions and Answers” on the sidebar to help answer any other questions and direct you to several educational references on organic vegetable gardening.

The Dickinson College Community Garden is a beautiful place to experience wildlife, the surrounding environment, gardening friendships, and the peace and tranquility that comes from “playing in the dirt.” We hope you join us!

Happy Gardening!