Faculty, Staff & Students for Sustainability

The President's Commission on Environmental Sustainability (PCES) works to enable Dickinson to become a leader for sustainability in higher education through transformative innovations in our curriculum, co-curricular programs, student life, campus culture, campus operations, and interactions with communities beyond the campus. The Commission achieves this mission by guiding at a strategic level all aspects of Dickinson's efforts in the area of sustainability, monitoring progress and advising the President and other bodies as appropriate.

The Commission shall help guide the development and implementation of a strategic vision for sustainability at Dickinson, identify priority actions needed to advance the vision, promote engagement of all spheres of the college, provide a forum to share information across divisions, coordinate cross-divisional efforts, oversee implementation of Dickinson's Climate Action Plan, and monitor and evaluate progress toward sustainability goals.

PCES Terms of Reference

PCES Members for 2017-18:

  • Bronte Burleigh-Jones, Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Joyce Bylander, Vice President, Student Development
  • Jeff Forrester, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Tyree Grant ’18, Student 
  • Brent Hair, Customer Service Coordinator, Facilities Management
  • Ann Hill, Professor, Anthropology
  • Abby Kaija, '20, Student
  • Howard Lalli, ’90, Alumnus                        
  • Neil Leary, Director, Center for Sustainability Education
  • Kathryn Miles, '19, Student
  • Anna McGinn, '14, Alumnus
  • Connie McNamara, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Wendy Moffat, Professor, English
  • Marina Morton ’18, Student
  • Stefanie Niles, Vice President, Enrollment, Marketing & Communications
  • Ashley Perzyna, Assistant Chief of Staff
  • Robert Renaud, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, LIS
  • Ken Shultes, Associate Vice President, Sustainability and Facilities Planning
  • Shalom Staub, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Civic Engagement
  • Neil Weissman, Provost
  • Sean Witte, Associate Vice President, Financial Operations & Controller

Contact PCES with your thoughts, comments, and questions:

Email: sustainability@dickinson.edu

Phone: 717.245.1781