Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I bring guests on my Any 20 Plan?
A. No, the Any 20 Plan is a nontransferable meal for your use only.

Q. Will I be able to use the Any 20 plan at cash operations locations? Will point values be active there?
A. Yes, the Any 20 plan can be used at cash operations locations as in the past. Only one meal exchange may be used per meal deal or one meal swipe per transaction.  You may use multiple swipes in a meal period, but only one per transaction. The point values are 2 for breakfast periods, 3 for lunches, 5 for dinners, and 3 for the new late night/snack (starts at 8 p.m., after dinner).

Example: A lunchtime purchase at The Quarry exceeds the exchange value. You can apply one meal swipe toward the cost of the item(s) but that you cannot use three swipes to buy the item(s) outright. You could buy the item(s) with a swipe and personal declining balance in one transaction then use another swipe for other items in another transaction.

Q. May I let someone borrow my ID card?
A. No, under no circumstances; the card is nontransferable.

Q. What if my friend or roommate is sick and can't attend a meal?
A. A student may get a "sick" or "injury" meal for a fellow student. IDs for both students are required for processing.

Q. May I add a Declining Balance Account to my Any 20 Plan?
A. Yes, all students are eligible to obtain a Declining Balance Account.

Q. May I add to my Declining Balance Account?
A. Yes, once the plan is opened, you may add to your account with cash, check or credit card. You cannot turn Flexboard points into Declining Balance money.

Q. Can I add to my Dining Dollars balance?
A. No, once the plan starts, additional money cannot be added to Dining Dollar balances. Money can be added to Declining Balance Accounts only.

Q. May I add points to my Flexboard account?
A. Yes, you may purchase a block of 25 points for $75 at the ID office. A maximum of 300 additional points may be purchased per semester. You may purchase with credit card, student charge, cash or Declining Balance Account.

Q. May I bring guests on my Flexboard Plan?
A. Yes, however, you must accompany your guests when using your Flexboard Plan.

Q. May I transfer Flexboard points, meal plan declining balance, and Dining Dollars from one semester to the next?
A. No, points, meal plan declining balance, and Dining Dollars are not transferable from semester to semester.

Q. Will I be able to eat lunch and dinner each day with the Flexboard Plan?
A. No, it would take approximately 900 points to eat both meals for the entire semester.

Q. What if I lose my Student ID card?
A. Notify the ID Office of Dining Services immediately. Your lost card will be deactivated. You are responsible for any transactions that occur with your card unless you have notified the Dining Services Office. There will be a $10 fee to replace a lost card.

Q. How many points do I need for the remainder of the semester?
A. You may calculate how many points you will need by accessing the Dickinson Gateway portal

Q. Are Any 20 Meal Plan students limited to eating in the Dining Hall?
A. No, all meal plans are accepted at any location.

Q. Can I change my meal plan once the plan is started?
A. No, meal plans must be changed the day prior to the start of the plan. No changes can be made after the start date. This is a policy change from previous years.