Learning and Study Skills Introduction

The Office of Learning Skills, directed by Marni Jones, is located on the first floor of Biddle House, and is a part of Academic Advising. Learning Skills services are available to any Dickinson student seeking extra support in the areas of time management, effective reading and study skills, note-taking and review strategies, memory-enhancing techniques, and test-preparation. We offer five FREE STUDY-SKILLS WORKSHOPS each semester covering the following topics: 

Time Management and Organization

Many of us have difficulty prioritizing and juggling all we have to do. Here is a collection of excellent apps for smart phones, tablets and computers to assist you with time management, developing great study habits and minimizing distractions, plus printable planning calendars.

Study Strategies

Why study harder when you can study smarter? Much of students' success on tests comes from the study habits they form. The Study Strategies Workshop can help you start the semester off right, and so can the study skills handouts and apps that you'll find on this site.


If you have ever opened your notebook and realized that you did not capture all you needed to from the day's lecture, don't despair. This site and the Note-Taking Workshop will provide you with techniques to help you develop note-taking skills that will be the envy of the class.

Memory Strategies

Have a tendency to forget things? There's a lot you can do to boost your recall. The Memory Strategies Workshop and this site provide a variety of techniques to help your brain retain, including mnemonics, reading strategies, flashcard apps and computer-based games. 

Test-Taking Skills

Have you ever sat down for an exam and become so nervous that your memory turns to mush? Have you ever changed an answer to a multiple choice question, only to find out later that you were right the first time? The Test-Taking Workshop and the tools on this page are here to help!

Writing Support

Whether you need help with what you've written, clarification on an assignment, having trouble getting started or looking for guidance on specific types of writing, Dickinson's Writing Center is the place to go.