Baldridge Reading and Study Skills Program is a supplemental pay-for-service classroom workshop available to students at Dickinson College. An instructor from the Baldridge Reading Program will be on campus each year to work with interested students who want to learn techniques to increase reading speed, improve comprehension, deepen concentration, and strengthen recall in their reading.

Students bring their assigned work with them, so it’s a highly efficient use of their time. Past Dickinson participants have raved about the program, and the most recent participants boosted their reading comprehension by an average of 37%, and more than doubled their reading speed (from 209 wpm to 557 wpm!).

The five-day workshop also covers additional skills such as time management, note-taking, and test-taking.

The Baldridge Reading Program aims to help students develop:

  • Stronger concentration
  • Better comprehension
  • Increased speed
  • Greater retention
  • Higher test scores

Spring '18 Program  

The program for Spring 18 has concluded. Information regarding the Spring 2019 program will be posted in mid-October, 2018. 


M-F, (5 sessions) - Classes will meet for 75 minutes daily, Monday through Friday, with four different class times from which to choose:

 12:30 PM  2:00 PM  4:30 PM  6:30 PM

To accommodate your schedule, you are free to attend class at a different time each day!

LOCATION: Office of Learning Skills, Dana Hall [M, R: 201; T, W, F: 101]

WHAT TO BRING:  Two textbooks, a novel or magazine, a notebook and a pen or pencil

TUITION: $144.00, payable to Baldridge Reading & Study Skills.

REGISTRATION:  To register for the Spring '18 program, please print and complete the year's registration form. Mailing and payment instructions are found on the form.

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to call  David Hungerford, the Program Director, at (330) 908-3419, or email ( You may also contact the Dickinson liaison for the program, Susan Frommer, at 717-254-8107.