Damon Yarnell

Damon Yarnell, PhD

Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Advising,
Internships, and Lifelong Career Development

PhD in the History of Science, University of Pennsylvania
MFA in Design, University of the Arts 
BA in Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Contact via email yarnelld@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Pam Blessing

Pam Blessing

Administrative Assistant

Contact via email blessinp@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Heather Champion

Heather Champion '97

Director of Employer Relations

MS in Counseling, Shippensburg University
BA in American Studies, Dickinson College

Contact via email champioh@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Jennifer Clough

Jennifer Clough

Career & Experiential Learning Advisor

MS in College Student Personnel Administration, Indiana University, Bloomington IN
BA in English, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Contact via email cloughj@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Dean Fisher

Tara Vasold Fischer `02

Dean and Director of Academic Advising & College Dean, Coordinator of the Community College Partnership Initiative

MA in Public Policy & Administration, Northwestern University
BA in Psychology, Dickinson College

Contact via email fischert@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Amity Fox

Amity Fox `04

Dean and Director of Internships, Externships, and Fellowships & College Dean 

MS in Higher Education from Drexel University
BA in International Business & Management and Russian Area Studies, Dickinson College

Contact via email foxa@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Tammy Heberlit

Tam Heberlig

Recruitment Coordinator

Contact via email heberlit@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1069

Phil Jonesph

Phil Jones

Assistant Provost and Director of Career Development

MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management, University of Leicester (UK)
MS in Education, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
BScEcon in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Wales (UK)

Contact via email jonesph@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Laura Kilko

Laura Kilko '01

Associate Director and Pre-Law Advisor

MS in Counseling, Shippensburg University
BA in Psychology, Dickinson College

Contact via email kilkol@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Annie Kondas

Annie Kondas

Associate Dean and Director of Alumni Career Development & College Dean

MA in College Student Personnel, Bowling Green State University
BS in Business Administration, and Human Resource Management, American University

Contact via email kondasa@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Barb Redding

Barb Redding

Senior Administrative Assistant

Contact via email redding@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Bed Swarnerd

Debi Swarner

Associate Director and Pre-Health Professions Advisor

MA in Counseling, Eastern University
BA in Family Studies, Messiah College

Contact via email swarnerd@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740

Terry Wilkinst

Terry Wilkins

Academic Advising Coordinator

Contact via email wilkinst@dickinson.edu or phone (717) 245-1740