Brief Overview & Key Dates for Academic Advising 

Students begin their Dickinson educations with different priorities and plans. Some students arrive with very clear ideas about what they want to study and are already looking ahead to “declaring a major” in a particular field. This is just fine. Other students arrive knowing that they want to take some time to explore their academic interests as widely as possible. This is just fine, too. Still others find themselves somewhere in between, curious about a handful of possibilities. You guessed it: also just fine! 

advising dates

No matter what group you fall into, you’ll find clear guidance here. After spending some time preparing, you’ll consult directly with a faculty member about your specific questions, options, and decisions during your “summer advising call.”  These calls will take place for students in the U.S. July 11-July 14, noon-8 p.m. EDT, and July 15, noon-6 p.m. EDT.  Making thoughtful decisions about your courses and programs is an important first step in making the best fit for yourself here on campus.

Start Here: Know the Goals of Summer Advising

Key Dates and Milestones

Before June 1 Request your First-Year Seminar
Before July 1

Complete online Placement Tests
Do I need to take placement tests?

Before July 11 Develop a possible course schedule and questions for your summer advisor
July 11-July 14, between noon-8 p.m. EDT; July 15, noon-6 p.m. EDT Speak with a faculty member during your "Summer Advising Call" to get guidance and to receive the "Alternate PIN" code you will need to submit your course requests
 July 18-July 25

Submit your course requests using the online Banner system

 August 10-26 Course Schedule Adjustment Period

Additional Information

If you have questions about any of this information, unable to receive your advising call at the assigned time, someone is available to help by contacting:

Summer Advising Office
Phone: 717-245-1997

Advising Office
Phone: 717-245-1080

Registrar's Office
Phone: 717-245-1315