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Definitions of what constitutes a "fellowship" vary, but typically fellowships are competitive, merit-based opportunities that provide funding and support to — 

• Focus on professional development, including graduate study or research
• Advance a field or cause closely connected to a mission-driven organization 
• Provide temporary (months or years) rather than permanent support 

Fellowship programs most often fund graduate study, research, community-based service, or professional training/experiential learning. 

In brief, fellowships offer the opportunity to pursue educational opportunities, personal development, mission-driven engagement, or all three. Fellowships are not just for graduate students or PhDs – and you can apply for multiple scholarships during your college years and beyond. They can provide entry into a first job, support undergraduate education, fund international work or research experiences, cultivate emerging leaders and change-makers, and support self-designed projects and social enterprises. 


The process of applying for fellowships itself represents one of the most important benefits of Dickinson’s fellowship program. Fellowship applications require you to— 

• Clarify your goals and interests 
• Integrate what you’ve learned inside and outside the classroom 
• Convey your aspirations & qualifications to the wider world (persuasive and lively communication skills) 
• Build a network that includes people who share your authentic interests 

Fellowships are win-win opportunities…whether you end up winning or losing a particular fellowship competition. The skills and experiences involved in applying for fellowships are the same skills you’ll need to launch your career, apply to graduate school, and/or pursue social change. They will help you build a happier more fulfilling life. Starting now. I really mean it. 


When applying to fellowship opportunities, it is important to plan ahead, consider opportunities that are a good fit for you and your interests, and seek guidance from the Dickinson Fellowships Team and your faculty. Note that opportunities which require a nomination from Dickinson have a series of deadlines and/or early internal deadlines – often months before the organization’s national deadline.


Please review this list of major fellowships and scholarships to consider, including many awards that require nomination by Dickinson. It is not an all-inclusive list, so be sure to explore according to your interests and schedule a fellowship appointment through Handshake.


Please contact Amity Fox, Associate Provost for Experiential Learning & Fellowships or email

The Dickinson College Fellowship Program adheres to the National Association of Fellowships Advisors (NAFA) best practices, core values, and Code of Ethics.