How do I declare my minor?

Students who wish to declare a minor in an area where a corresponding major is not offered - Astronomy, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Italian, & Linguistics– may do so by completing the Intention to Complete a Certificate or Minor form.  Those seeking a minor in Education should contact the Education Department to complete the Education Minor Declaration Form.  For minors in other programs, students must take the required courses for the minor, having discussed your intentions with the chair of the department.  During the senior year, students will complete the Application for Degree, where they will list the Minor field(s) of study.

How do I submit a petition to the Subcommitee on Academic Standards?

Guidelines for petitioning may be found on the Academic Program and Standards Committee web page.

Can I order a new diploma with my new (eg. married) name?

Diplomas will be issued in student name at the time of graduation and will not be reissued to reflect a name change that occurs after graduation.

How do I change my name on my Dickinson records?

In order to guard against identity theft, requests for name changes must be accompanied by official documentation of the change. Please mail one of the following to the Registrar's Office with your request:

  1. Notarized copy of driver’s license, government issued I.D. card, or Social Security card showing your new name, or
  2. Notarized copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order documenting the name change.
If you are on campus, you may bring the originals of the above documents to the Registrar’s Office. We will make the name change and return the original documents to you immediately.

Requests for name changes cannot be honored without the documentation above.