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Policy FAQs


How do I calculate the grade point average (GPA) of the courses in my major?

While your cumulative grade point average (GPA) can be found on your transcript, if you want to know the grade point average in your major, you will have to calculate it.

Here's how:

  1. List each course required for your major along with its corresponding number of credits.
  2. Multiply the number of credits by the numeric grade value (see list below) that you received for the course. This will give you the quality points earned for that course.
  3. Add the quality points for all of your major courses.
  4. Divide the total quality points by the total number of credits to get your major GPA.


HIST 106...1 credit...B+... 1 x 3.33 = 3.33
HIST 204...1 credit...A... 1 x 4.00 = 4.00
HIST 211...1 credit...B-... 1 x 2.67 = 2.67
HIST 304...1/2 credit...B... 0.5 x 3.00 = 1.50

Total quality points = 11.5
Total # of credits 3.5
Major GPA = 11.5/3.5 = 3.285714... more specifically 3.29

A = 4.00
A- = 3.67
B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B- = 2.67
C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
C- = 1.67
D+ = 1.33
D = 1.00
D- = 0.67
F = 0.00

When will my grades for the current semester be posted on Banner Self-Service?

The Registrar's Office runs a process that posts grades to students' transcripts. This is typically done by the end of the grades due date (Note: There may be subsequent posting for any late grades). Until the first posting, no grades for that semester can be seen on your transcript on Banner. Because we are unable to print transcripts once we begin posting grades, we delay this first posting as late as possible to accommodate student transcript requests.

What are Roll Call grades?

At mid-semester (Roll Call), the following grades are reported by faculty for all students:

  • S - Satisfactory achievement (work of "C" quality or above)
  • U - Unsatisfactory achievement (work of "C-" or below)
  • I - Incomplete work outstanding

These Roll Call grades are available to students on the Dickinson Gateway.  Once you have logged in, from the Student & Financial Aid menu select Student Records, then Roll Call Grades. Choose the term for which you'd like to see your Roll Call grades and click Submit.


When is Class Rank Calculated?

Class rank is calculated one time each semester immediately following the posting of grades to student transcripts.  Subsequent grade changes do not result in a recalculation of Class Rank.