Education abroad is coordinated through the Center for Global Study and Engagement (CGSE). Approval for participation in Dickinson, Dickinson Partner, and non-Dickinson study abroad programs is granted only after careful screening and selection processes. Successful applicants must demonstrate strong academic preparation, of which one common measure is a strong GPA and the ability to articulate clearly-formulated academic goals for their chosen program of study off campus as well as strong letters of recommendation from faculty. They may also need specific language pre-requisites.  We strongly encourage students to meet with an advisor in CGSE early in the process of making decisions about study abroad.

Advice to students considering study off campus

Programs, deadlines, and requirements

These are listed below in brief outline form for the advisor’s convenience. The student should contact the CGSE early to obtain information on programs and procedures, and to find out about deadlines. The most up-to-date source of information is the Center for Global Study and Engagement website.

Preparation and planning

Dickinson and Dickinson Partner Programs
Students interested in Dickinson and Dickinson Partner Programs will be directed to the appropriate on campus faculty coordinators or CGSE advisors. Current academic year faculty coordinators are listed in the advising chart. Dickinson programs can be year-long, semester-long, summer or short-term.

Non-Dickinson programs
Students interested in other (non-Dickinson) programs should meet with an advisor in CGSE.

Distribution requirements
Although it may be possible to complete some distribution requirements while away from campus, requirements for laboratory sciences, languages, and physical education are usually difficult to satisfy away from campus. The Course Planning Worksheet is available to help students plan their major, minor, and distribution requirements as well as their electives for the remaining semesters.

Major field of concentration
With careful planning, students in any major may study off campus. Students must have a declared major before being granted In-Absentia status (studying off campus during the regular academic semester or year). To this end, students must declare a major before their application can be reviewed for admission to a semester or academic year program. (Exceptions will be made for majors in which a certain course must be completed prior to declaring the major e.g. Psychology.)


  • Rising sophomore or junior status; however, first-semester seniors may also study abroad provided they meet the program’s qualifications;
  • Have declared a major;
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher depending on the program;
  • No significant disciplinary record;
  • Specific requirements for individual programs.

First Year Advising

Please note that if a student places out of the language requirement for the college, they may still be required to complete coursework to meet the pre-requisite for a particular study abroad program. Therefore, as students are making decisions about their courses, it will be important for them to consider which study abroad program(s) they are interested in and how they can sequentially complete coursework required for acceptance. Students should understand that they must work to meet the requirements of the programs offered by Dickinson to be accepted for study abroad. A minimum of a 2.8 cumulative GPA is expected for study abroad participation; however, a majority of programs require higher cumulative GPAs.

Specifically, students of Spanish must successfully complete study through Spanish 231 to study abroad in Málaga (Spanish 202 for the Business Track), and Cuenca/Mendoza; and through Spanish 202 or Portuguese 201 for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Students of French are required to successfully complete coursework through French 236 for Toulouse. Students interested in participating in the Bologna Italian Studies program are required to successfully complete coursework through Italian 201. Students interested in the Bremen program must complete through German 202 (an additional course is strongly recommended) and have at least one German content course even if they test out of the language requirement. Students of Russian, Chinese and Japanese are all expected to complete at least 2 years of college-level work in the language (or the equivalent) in order to apply for acceptance to programs in Moscow, Beijing, and Nagoya, respectively. 1 year of college level Japanese is required for Akita. For additional information, please consult our website, or speak with a faculty coordinator or CGSE for a specific program.

In order for students to complete the program application process, they must attend a series of preparatory workshops. Students can create an advising application through Dickinson’s Studio Abroad page where they will receive instructions for requesting a program specific application.

Financial aid
Federal and institutional financial aid are available for Dickinson and Dickinson Partner Programs. Federal aid (but not institutional aid) is available for non-Dickinson Programs.

Students should check with the Financial Aid Office or CGSE for details.