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Policy FAQs

Degree Audit

How do I review my degree audit online?

Once you have logged into the Gateway click on Degree Works.

For more details about Degree Works, click here.

Can I use two 1/2 course credits to fulfill a distribution requirement?

No. Distribution requirements must be fulfilled using a full course credit taken during one semester.

Can one course double-count for two requirements?

The majority of courses may double-count for more than one requirement, including distribution and major/minor requirements. However, there are two exceptions: 1) A Quantitative Reasoning course may NOT double-count as a lab science course. 2) One course may NOT double-count for more than one Division requirement.

Even though a single course can fulfill more than one requirement, it counts as only one of the 32 required for graduation.

How many language courses are required for graduation from Dickinson?

All students are required to demonstrate that they have completed work in a foreign language through the intermediate level. This can include as many as 3 or 4 courses, depending on the language selected.

Can I use American Sign Language to fulfill the language requirement?

Students who choose to study American Sign Language to fulfill their language requirement may do so, even though Dickinson College does not offer this course for credit.  As with any language, students who complete coursework through the intermediate level (equivalent of Level 4 as described below) at an accredited institution, earning a grade of a "C" (2.00 on 4.00 scale) or better can receive credit toward graduation and fulfillment of their language requirement.  Students who do not wish to receive credit may complete the equivalent of American Sign Language Proficiency interview, meeting the standards of Level 4 as described below.  If pursuing testing, please submit your request in writing to the Registrar, along with the contact information for your qualified ASL tester.

Have I fulfilled the language requirement if my native language is not English?

If your native language is not English, you may be able to fulfill the language requirement without additional coursework.  For an explanation of what you need to do to verify this, please see the "For Students Whose First Language is not English" section of the Foreign Languages page of the Advising handbook.

Why aren't some of the courses for my major listed in the appropriate place on my degree audit?

Because students can fulfill the requirements for certain majors uniquely, we cannot pre-program the computer to identify all of the possible course combinations. These majors should be identified by the words "uniquely approved" on your degree audit. To be sure you are on track with completing the requirements for your major, confirm your progress with your major advisor.