Blue Bears

Blue Bears Room
Angela Lopp
Kendra Carson

In the preschool classroom, there are more defined learning centers that include dramatic play, science, library, computer, blocks, creative art, puzzles and a circle-time area.  In the morning, the children will have a circle time with songs, stories, finger plays, weather chart, helper choice, etc.  Learning activities are theme-based, which means that each week there will be a theme, which all the learning centers and activities will incorporate. The children will be exposed to pre-reading activities, and the staff will build upon the child’s emerging literacy skills.  They will gain a better understanding of number concepts and engage in problem solving activities.  Children will also learn social skills such as sharing, cooperation, taking turns, conflict resolution skills, etc.  The children will learn individually at their own pace through play activities. 


Weekly Lesson Plan


Daily Schedule
 7:30-9:15  Free Play
 9:15-9:30  Morning Meeting (jobs, calendar, PATHS, letter/number or week, bucket filling)
 9:30-9:50  Morning Snack
 9:50-10:00  Book Time
 10:00-10:15  Circle Time
 10:15-11:00  Center Time
 11:00-12:00  Outside Play
 12:00-12:30  Lunch
 12:30-12:45  Clean Up
 12:45-2:30   Rest Time
 2:30-2:45  Quiet Activities
 2:45-3:30  Center Time and Free Play
 3:30-3:45  Afternoon Snack
 3:45-4:00  Book Time
 4:00-5:30  Free Play Outside/Big Room