Yellow Puppies

The Yellow Pup Classroom at the Children's Center.

Welcome to the Yellow Puppy room where we love to have fun and explore! The staff here loves to comfort us, yet give us the opportunity to become independent. We have a corner of the room where we can gain confidence with our walking and crawling. The teachers provide us with a variety of mediums as we begin to enjoy art activities and hone in on our small motor skills. Our language is emerging, and we really enjoy singing and dancing along with looking at books. Everyday here is a new, fun adventure as we explore the ever-changing toys and activities around the room. Our lesson plans are based on themes and focus on age-appropriate goals and objectives.


Laci Wimer

Alisha Fahnestock 


Weekly Lesson Plan 



Daily Schedule
 7:30-8:15  Morning Play with blocks, kitchen food, puzzles, etc.
Diaper Changes
8:45-9:00  Large Group Activities-songs, books, games
 9:00-9:30  Large Motor Activity-playground, playroom, walking
 9:30-9:45  Snack
 9:45-10:15  Small group activities-coloring, painting, play-doh
 10:15-10:45  Diaper Changes
 10:45-11:30  Large Motor Activities-Playground, playroom, porch
 11:30-12:00  Lunch Time
 12:00-3:00  Diaper Changes/Nap
 3:00-3:30  Diaper Changes
 3:30-3:45  Snack Time
 3:45-5:30 Large Motor Activities-Playground, play room or room until it is time to go home





*Just a note, diapers always changed as needed but the time that are noted are critical times when all diapers are changed, such as before and after nap.*