Helen Schlimm, Environmental Science Major

Helen Schlimm, Environmental Science Major and German Minor

Helen Schlimm '17


Helen Schlimm is an Environmental Science major and German minor from Ellicott City, Maryland. Helen is interested in aquatic ecology, water quality, citizen science, climate change research, and natural resource conservation, particularly relating to the Chesapeake Bay. Helen came to Dickinson undecided but quickly found a deep connection with the Environmental Science major, in addition to pursuing her continued interests in the German language and culture. Her ongoing time with the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) helped her develop a passion for aquatic science and working with communities. In the summer of 2015, Helen travelled to southwestern Greenland to assist in a field survey of the water quality and ecology of several lakes in the region. This experience grew into her senior research project, which currently focuses on climate change-induced shifts in zooplankton communities from both paleo and modern perspectives.

Helen also spent her junior year abroad in Bremen, Germany, and enjoyed living in a country with admirable sustainability goals and environmentally-conscious mentalities, as well as traveling throughout Europe. Elsewhere on campus, Helen is an active member of the co-ed national community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, German Club and the ES Majors Committee. She loves all things water and is excited to work as a Baird Sustainability Fellow with like-minded Dickinsonians from various sustainability backgrounds and future interests.