Madison Beehler, Environmental Science Major


Madison Beehler, 2015 Baird Sustainability Fellow

Madison Beehler '15

Madison Beehler is an environmental science major at Dickinson. She came to Dickinson with an interest in health and thinking she would be a biology major. However, after one month of being on campus she decided to be an environmental science major instead. It wasn’t medicine that drove her passion for health it was the origin and distribution of health. This was passion was informed by her experience growing up in New London, Pennsylvania. New London is a rural/suburban town with very few resources for young people. Madison saw this impact the health behaviors of her peers. She has brought this lens to her environmental science major.

As a student at Dickinson, Madison has been eager to take advantage of every learning opportunity she has come across. She launched herself into the environmental community starting her first year with her involvement in EarthNow. She worked primarily with an initiative to phase out the sale of bottled water on campus. She also became a board member of the Idea Fund, pioneering the community outreach team. She spent a year and a half as a Treekid and has worked at the Dickinson College Farm since the summer after her first year. As a senior, she is working on a year of senior research investigating the relationship between the built environment and youth mentorship. She is hoping to pull on her diverse experiences at Dickinson after she graduates, hopefully working on community-based health and nutrition initiatives.