Kendra Haven, International Studies Major & English Minor


Kendra Haven

Kendra Haven '14


Kendra Haven is a senior International Studies major and English minor. Kendra will be writing her senior thesis on international relations on Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on South Africa and the ways in which regional trends have impacted local perceptions of sustainable development. Kendra studied abroad in Cameroon in the spring of 2012, where Cameroonian perspectives on climate change and nuanced social-environmental problems developed her personal view of sustainability. She is most interested in the intersection between human rights and environmental degradation—for example, how a change in women’s land rights in Cameroon would increase the prevalence of sustainable agricultural methods in the country. With a passion for communication and a dedication to writing, Kendra is interested in mediation, the process of aiding different sides to see and hear each other in the development of a mutually agreed-upon decision. She is excited to hear different voices in the Baird colloquium and looks forward to a semester of collaboration.