J.J. Luceno Integrated Community and Global Health

J.J. Luceno

J.J. Luceno '13


J.J. Luceno is an Integrated Community and Global Health major. She has completed several research projects during her time at Dickinson that have focused on community health, including food access for Latino migrant farm workers in neighboring Adams County, PA and sustainable rural health care in ChiloƩ, Chile. J.J. is still defining and breaking the boundaries of what she has come to understand of the beautifully intricate concept of sustainability.

What interests J.J. most is the insistently interdisciplinary skeleton of sustainability that tells us that the development of strong, healthy communities and meaningful problem-solving to relevant issues relies on toolbox filled with a variety of qualities-the analytical skills of a sociologist, the "downstream" mentality of an environmentalist, and the poets creativity of expression among many others. As part of the Baird Colloquium, she is looking forward to experiencing a cross-disciplinary approach to sustainability made more vibrant by the shared experiences and voices of fellow students.