Podcast: Inside Dickinson’s International Climate Symposium

Audience members seated inside the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium during the International Climate Symposium.

The opening session of Dickinson's International Climate Symposium. Photo by Dan Loh.


We visit Dickinson’s recent International Climate Symposium, where hundreds of students engaged in meaningful sessions with world-class experts on climate science and policy, including authors from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The event is part of Dickinson’s annual Rose-Walters Prize for Environmental Activism, which honored the IPCC this year.

Plus, President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11, discusses the Dickinson Forward Tour and his message to Dickinsonians near and far.



International Climate Symposium - Science-Based Choices for Climate Action: Insights from the 6th IPCC Assessment Report

Science-Based Choices for Climate Action – Insights from the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, hosted by Dickinson from October 24-26, 2022, celebrated awarding of the 2022 Sam Rose ‘58 and Julie Walters Prize at Dickinson College for Global Environmental Activism to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in recognition of the IPCC’s important work.

Puzzler: “A Return to Professor Maher’s Logic Class”

Professor Maher has just given a midterm in his Intermediate Logic class (a student favorite at Dickinson) and is concerned that some of the students in the class cheated on the test. One of the things he knows about his students is that the cheaters lie about everything, while most students tell the truth when asked a direct question. After looking over the exams, he asks Bertrand and Kurt to join him in his office. Sternly looking them over, he demands: “Did either of you cheat on this exam?” Bertrand glanced at Kurt as the pressure built and replied, “At least one of us cheated on the test, but I won’t say more.” Prof. Maher though a moment and replied, “You’ve told me everything.” So, our question for this episode is: Who, if anyone, cheated on the exam?

Listen to the question at the 00:14 mark.

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President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11

President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11, talks about his recent inauguration and his upcoming tour.

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Published December 15, 2022