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Student Snapshot: Chakravartin Sokhomsan '24 

Chakravartin Sokhomsan ’24 (dance, sociology) is passionate about creating, engaging with the local and global communities and understanding the human condition.

Chakravartin Sokhomsan ’24 is passionate about creating, engaging with the local and global communities, and understanding the human condition. Through a creative summer internship, he helped plan Persephone on the Water, an outdoor performance at Pine Grove Furnace State Park that brought together poets, dancers, actors and musicians on the shores and in the waters of Laurel Lake. He also performed in that piece.


Long Beach, California.


Dance and sociology.


Dance Theatre Group, Hypnotic, Student Senate, Delta Sigma Phi and Office of Residence Life & Housing (RA).


Posse Leadership Scholarship, Dean's List and Shuman Award.

Favorite book:

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong.

Favorite Dining Hall food:

Vegan protein nuggets with flourless chocolate cake.

Favorite class/learning experience:

Intro to Sexuality Studies with [Director of LGBTQ Services] Todd Nordgren. I took this class last spring and really loved the course material and the conversations and discussions that were raised in class. I also came into the class with huge goals of even understanding my own sexuality and biases and left with even more knowledge I expected and questions that gaged my interests.

Favorite off-campus spot:

Kind of cheating, but the Cubiculo, a Department of Theatre & Dance space located right above the Carlisle Theatre. It’s one of my favorite places off campus because it’s nestled in town, and the windows that look out are simply breathtaking, whether you're in there at night or in the daytime.

As a kid, I wanted to be …

… an optometrist. I think it is super funny that as I advanced in my education, I quickly realized how math and science are much more of a struggle than I initially thought they would be.

Post-Dickinson plans:

To receive a Fulbright to go teach English in Asia. I also would love to dive into community and civic engagement through nonprofit organizations and mentorship.

About my internship:

During summer 2021, I interned as a Dana Research Assistant under Assistant Professor of Theatre Design Kent Barrett. I was able to spend my summer in Carlisle, creating a performance showcase, "Persephone on the Water," from the ground up. It was presented at Laurel Lake. I helped organize and plan for it, and I was also a performer, playing the role of Persephone in the piece. Through this experience, I was able to learn how organize and archive work and how to interact with community members in publishing and the press. Additionally, I was able to gaze through the lens of a performer while also handling the technical side, which gave me a way into exploring professions as a curator and creator.

Most important thing I’ve learned so far:

Do everything you can! Be aware of your own interests and dive into the things that will make you genuinely happy.

Advice to younger students:

Go to office hours! Even if you don't need help—professors will appreciate you!

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Published December 20, 2021