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Handlebar Bicycle Co-Op



The Handlebar is an on-campus teaching bike repair shop that was created by the Dickinson Community, for the Dickinson Community. The vision became a reality after joint efforts by the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) and the Dickinson Idea Fund. Now operated by a CSE intern and student and staff volunteers, The Handlebar serves members of the Dickinson College community, aiming to increase bicycle use, repair services, and bike-related knowledge on campus. The shop believes in equitable access, affordability, and a strong sense of community. The Handlebar increases social and environmental consciousness through hands-on learning, networking, and teaching. Our reuse (Handlebar Swap Shop) and recycle (Green Bikes Program) practices also support the College’s Sustainability initiative.

The Handlebar is a great companion space for folks who want to do crafty and inventive things with one of the world's engineering marvels - the bicycle. We're happy to partner with any space.

Facility Location
Basement of Davidson-Wilson along Dickinson Walk. Across the walk from Baird-McClintock entrance

Department/Organization that oversees facility
Center for Sustainability Education

Contact email

Training/Process needed to use space
It is recommended that students come to volunteer training to learn how to use the specialized bicycle tools. Training dates will be sent out to the biking email list serve periodically and will be posted on

Lead volunteers have unlimited access to the Handlebar. Volunteers who have completed training can use tools unsupervised. Volunteers who have yet to complete training can only use tools with a trained volunteer.

What equipment is available in this space?
Bicycle repair books
Full suite of specialized bicycle tools
General tools (screw drivers, wrenches, hammers, etc.)
Bolt cutters
Hack saw

What items aren't available that might be needed?
Whatever you want to slap on a bicycle.

Student Organizations associated with space

What types of majors have dedicated use of this space?
No priority based on academic major.

Specific courses students can take to get additional training/exposure to this area
There are several bicycle "schools" throughout the country.
United Bicycle Institute
Barnett Bicycle Institute
Appalachian Bicycle Institute

Students are also encouraged to apply for jobs or volunteer at their local bike shop.

the entire space

Megan Moody '13, former director of the Idea Fund's Web site and social-media efforts, gets some pointers on bike maintenance at the grand opening of The Handlebar on Oct. 27.

Idea fund s handlebar bike repair


Handlebar grand opening




bicycle tires




wall of tools