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Mermaid Society

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The Mermaid Society honors loyal Dickinsonians who consistently give back to the college.

More than 6,000 alumni, parents, friends and students have joined the ranks so far!

You'll become a member when you:

The Mermaid Society seeks to foster donor loyalty, increase alumni participation and grow financial support for Dickinson. These gifts each year impact the Dickinson experience by keeping class sizes small, providing scholarship opportunities to over 1,000 students, supplying additional equipment and training to student-athletes and in countless other ways.

Dickinson is proud to recognize and show gratitude for the loyal support of our Mermaid Society members.

Meet the Mermaids Panel Discussion

Report on Giving 2019-20:Mermaid Society Icon

Despite global challenges, Dickinsonians came together to support our historic mission with more than $16 million in gifts and commitments for the 2019-20 fiscal year. Gifts from Mermaid Society members accounted for 65% of total giving to the college in 2019-20.

Pride. Loyalty. Noble Dickinsonians.

No Matter The Size, Annual Gifts Make a Big Impact