Quick Reference Guides

In an effort to promote a culture of readiness, knowledge of safety resources, and emergency preparedness across campus, the department of Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management has developed Emergency Quick Reference Guides.  These building-specific guides - hung primarily by fire alarm pull stations and exit doors - contain information about what to do in a variety of situations ranging from severe weather to a medical emergency to an active shooter.  These guides serve two purposes: to be an everyday resource for those on campus to identify what emergency actions to take, and also to assist in rapid identification of key resources such as sheltering and evacuation locations, the building name and address, as well as the closest AED

Below, you will find each building's Quick-Reference Guide available for download and print.  Within each guide, look for your building's information in the red box titled "Building Safety Plan".






Cedar St.

West Chapel St.

Cherry St.

North College St.

Conway St.

West High St.

West North St.


Reed St.

South College St.

West Louther St.

South West St.