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Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management

Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety 

Welcome to the Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety Departments. Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment and promote, institute, and enhance a culture of safety in all capacities for the campus community.  We are dedicated to providing a safe setting for students to learn, faculty to teach, staff to work, and for families and guests to utilize.  In partnership with Dickinson administration, faculty and students, we strive to reduce environmental-health and safety risks through programs that promote stewardship for the college’s human and environmental resources.  We accomplish this by identifying and assessing potential hazards, controlling and reducing our vulnerabilities, and enacting changes by collaborating with campus stakeholders to ensure the protection of life and property.  Through this mission, safety is prioritized such that it benefits all and advances the mission of the college.

Dickinson College becomes StormReady

NWS StormReady   


In June, 2016, Dickinson College was recognized as a StormReady Supporter by the National Weather Service (NWS) office in State College.  StormReady Supporters are local entities that do not qualify for a full StormReady Recognition yet promote the principles of the StormReady program into their severe weather safety and awareness plans. Dickinson is one of 123 StormReady sites in the state of Pennsylvania and joins the over 2900 StormReady sites nationwide.

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