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Dickinson College values a safe campus environment that operates ethically and efficiently. No student, employee or visitor to campus should ever feel unsafe, harassed, or pressured to keep a concern about fraud, waste, abuse or improper conduct a secret. If this ever occurs, please say something. 

The most direct route to resolving complaints is to go directly to the supervisor of the department, or report the concern to the most applicable area, such as the offices of human resources, Title IX, business affairs, campus safety, student affairs, or general counsel.

Alternatively, you can also report a concern by utilizing the most apropos link below:

  • Incidents of bias or harassment can be reported through Maxient.
  • Incidents of sexual misconduct can be reported through Maxient.
  • Concerns of fraud, waste and abuse of institutional human, financial and property resources, or other ethical or legal concerns, can be reported through In Touch link.
  • Reporting information anonymously regarding possible crimes, planned crimes, law/policy violations and/or crime infomration can be submitted to Department of Public Safety.