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Student Identities Abroad

Students with High Financial Need

Dickinson  is committed to making off-campus study affordable for Dickinson students and to supporting off-campus study with financial aid. Dickinson students are able to study abroad on any Dickinson Program or Partner Program for approximately the same price as study on the Carlisle campus. There are additional costs for study abroad, so it is important for students to understand these costs and what resources are available. These costs may include, but are not limited to: round-trip airfare, visa fees, books and materials, and personal expenses. 

As you prepare for studying abroad, we are here to help and offer the questions and resources below as a starting point. As always, your Education Abroad Advisor is available to assist you with your questions and navigate these resources. 



  • Where do I find information about finances for study abroad?
  • Do I have any income or other funding sources on campus that I will not have access to while I am abroad (work-study, RA, etc.)? How will I bridge this gap in funding?
  • Are there any other expenses beyond the cost of the study abroad program that I need to consider (i.e., passport, plane tickets, and meals, etc.)?
  • What additional funding sources are available to students like myself?

Family and Friends

  • How will I involve my family in my decision to study abroad, if at all? Will they be financing any portion of my study abroad experience?
  • Do my family and friends support my decision to study abroad? If not, what information would help them feel more comfortable with my decision?
  • If I currently help support my family financially, how will studying abroad impact my ability to contribute to my family's financial situation?


  • How do I build a budget for the semester?
  • What will I do in the event of an emergency or an unexpected large expense? 
  • Are tthere any upfront costs (e.g. passport, visa, flights)? How do I plan to cover these expenses? Are there resources available to assist me with these expenses?


Understand what income or funding sources you have on campus that you won't have abroad. If you are an RA, your housing is likely covered while you are on campus, but this will not be the case while you are abroad. Speak with your financial aid advisor to make sure you understand how this will impact your finanial aid package. 

In most cases, you will not be able to work while you are abroad. If you currently work, make sure you understand how this loss of income will impact your finances while you are abroad. 

Live like a local student

  • Eat like a local student. Cook your own meals with local food and groceries.
  • Choose free cultural activities and look for discounts for museums and other cultural experiences. Check with your on-site staff for recommendation for free or cheap activities and event. 
  • Find the value (and fun!) in what you can afford, and don’t dwell on the opportunities you skip. 
  • Find friends (local or other international students) that are also living on a budget. You’ll have similar spending limits and won’t be tempted to overspend so you can belong.
  • Use public transportation or walk/bike to get around.

Financial Help for Airfare Costs

For students receiving financial assistance, it may be difficult to purchase a flight with personal funds prior to financial aid being dispersed. In this case, students may apply for a "Bridge Loan," which is a loan from Dickinson College explicitly for the purpose of purchasing a plane ticket or other required expenses, for a credit-bearing Dickinson study abroad program. Inquiries and applications should be made to the Student Accounts Office a couple of weeks in advance of when you need the funds.

Bridge loans are not available to students with past due balances on their student account. Verification of pending financial aid to cover the amount of the Bridge Loan is part of the acceptance process for these loans. The Bridge Loan will appear as a charge on a student's account and will be paid off with financial aid once aid is dispersed. 

For more information, including eligiblility and costs, or to apply for a Bridge Loan, students should inquire with:

The Office of Student Accounts
Holland Union Building
Dickinson College
(717) 245-1953