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Student Identities Abroad

Students with Disabilities

For students with disabilities, the thought of studying about can be both exciting and daunting. While you prepare for studying abroad, we are here to help and offer the questions and resources below as a starting point. As always, your Education Abroad advisor is available to assist you with your questions and navigate these resources. 

In addition to the information available on this page, students should review the Guidance for Students with Accommodations Planning to Study Abroad, which is available on the ADS webpage.

Questions to ask yourself/your Education Abroad advisor:

  • Are there any accommodations that I consider to be critical to my educational experience and if so, which one(s)?
  • If I'm currently working with a mental health care provider, would I be able to continue my sessions over skype or another platform?
  • What resources are available on my program? Is there a contact person or office on-site that can support me before and during the program?
  • Are there any rules in this country about bringing in medications?  
  • What kinds of physical/ mobility expectations would be placed on students participating in this program?


  • Disclose your disability and accommodations to the CGSE and the on-site staff as soon as possible, so appropriate arrangements and reasonable accommodations can be made in advance. 
  • Remember that other cultures may provide disability access in a different way—learn about what types of accommodation are typically provided in your host country, and be flexible and open to different ways of accommodating your disability. The ADA does not apply outside the US. 
  • Before you go, find out as much as you can about your host culture and how they view disability by reading, talking to other students, and attending pre-departure orientation sessions. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for the new environment.
  • Think about how you will answer questions about your disability in the language of your host country—look up key vocabulary words ahead of time.

On-Campus Resources

General Resources

Special thanks to the University of Maryland Education Abroad for generously allowing us to adapt their Identities and Affiliation page for our students.