People | Planet | Prosperity: Skills for Change

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Dickinson, acting as a #dsonproud leader in battling climate change, and will be carbon neutral in 2020. Here is what you need to know:

  • Dickinson is meeting and exceeding its civic obligation to engage its students, faculty, staff, and alumni in taking responsible, scientifically supported actions to help slow and ultimately prevent dangerous climate change.
  • Dickinson is recognized as a national leader for sustainability and climate change action; we are one of the first colleges/institutions in the nation to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Dickinson students are learning essential skills for solving complex problems of the 21st century by participating in climate change solutions on campus and beyond the campus. Let's share what we have learned with others!

In Fall 2020, the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) coordinated People | Planet | Prosperity: Skills for Change to virtually connect Dickinsonians through behavior changes that impact climate change. This initiative aimed to highlight people, businesses, ideas, or skills that create positive change for our planet and for all people. 

We invited any Dickinsonian to submit to People | Planet | Prosperity: Skills for Change in the form of stories, articles, videos, tours, tutorials, social media posts, interviews, graphics, demonstrations, lists, etc. We asked them to JOIN WITH OTHERS, put people first, and share ways that we can better adopt the behaviors of:

  • Walking, Biking & Ridesharing
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Building a Plant-Rich Diet
  • Purchasing Consciously
  • Turning off Lights & Unplugging


Submission Guidelines for #DsonPPP

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The Content Needs to Include:

  • Direct ties to one or more of the five behavior focus areas listed above.
  • Clear connections to people, planet, and/or prosperity. Highlight these!
  • Positive messages that use inclusive language.
  • An action-step that gives audience something to do (clear & concise).
  • Include PPP logo and hashtag #peopleplanetprosperity or #dsonPPP
  • Stated objectives and a clear/catchy title.
  • A summary or caption that can be used to promote and share your content.
  • Creative examples and visuals to make actions easy to follow and appealing.
  • Appropriate citations as needed.
  • No spelling or grammar errors! Proofread.

Inclusivity & Accessibility Considerations:

  • Photographs and images are legible, clear and high quality. Alternative text is included for those visually impaired (i.e. captions).
  • Audio is clear and has subtitles if applicable.
  • Suggested materials or action is accessible. Try to identify possible barriers (cost, location, time, etc.).
  • Consider identities other than your own.
  • Remember that Dickinsonians are global and currently all over the world.
  • Avoid assumptions (living at home, common knowledge etc.).
  • Avoid exclusive vocabulary (“guys,” “ladies”) and work to provide choice (avoid the words “must,” “never,” “parents,” etc.)

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