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Spanish & Portuguese Activities

Past Activities

Antonio Soler

Antonio Soler is the author of eleven novels. During the Fall 2014 semester, Spanish novelist Antonio Soler was the Writer-in-Residence for the Spanish and Portuguese Department.

Día del Libro

In honor of World Book Day and Miguel Cervantes's birthday, the Spanish and Portuguese department hosted a continuous read-a-thon of Don Quixote in various languages.

Semana Poética

Semana Poética (A Week of Poetry) was a multi-departmental, international and multilingual festival of poetry organized by Dickinson College


Sirena was an international and multilingual journal of poety and art, publishing the original work of poets and artists from around the globe.

Cuba Mini-Mosaic

In Spring 2016, ten students from two different Spanish classes traveled to Cuba for a mini-mosaic.