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Eco-Container Program

Culinary Services takes great pride in introducing Eco Containers to the campus community, a sustainable initiative aimed at minimizing waste and energy consumption. These durable containers, sourced from G.E.T. Enterprises, Inc., are crafted from polypropylene, ensuring longevity and eco-friendliness. Through an efficient washing and sanitation process implemented by Culinary Services, these containers can be repeatedly utilized, further contributing to the reduction of environmental impact on campus. These can be used for online ordering at Union Station.

Directions for our Eco-Containers:

Step 1:
Join our Eco-Container program and receive your container(s) for a small, one-time fee per container. These containers can be purchased at the Dining Hall. Costs: Entrée container ($6.00)

Step 2:
Return your used Eco-Container to Union Station - to be cleaned. Culinary Services will wash and care for the Eco-Containers and you receive a wooden token from the individual collecting Eco-Containers. This token will be a placeholder until the next time you need an EcoContainer.

Step 3:
To receive a clean Eco-Container with your food packed, order online and select the "eco-container" button. Then present your wooden token to the staff at Union Station when picking up your meal.

FAQs about the Eco-Container Program:

Can I bring my own cup or tumbler to Dickinson Dining Services?
Answer: Yes, if ordering online you must select the "bring my own cup" menu option and bring your own cup. If you ordered a specialty drink our staff will wait until you arrive to make your drink so they can pour your drink into your mug. For any self-serve beverage you can use your own eco-cup to help save the environment.

Where can I buy an Eco-Cup to use?
Answer: Please feel free to bring your own beverage container from home or purchase a tumbler/cup/mug from the Dickinson College Bookstore.

Will other takeout containers be available if I don't buy into the program?
Answer: These offerings are only available to those who commit to this sustainable initiative.

Can I bring my own containers to the Culinary Services location(s)?
Answer: Only Culinary Services-approved containers can be used for food, however, you can bring your own tumbler/cup/mug.

Can I wash my Eco-Containers and reuse them without having to exchange them?
Answer: All containers must be washed and sanitized by Culinary Services prior to each use.