Tuition, fees and room-and-meal charges cover only about 79 percent of the total cost of educating a student at Dickinson.  Funding from Dickinson’s endowment and from alumni and foundation support makes up the difference. Students who receive need-based or merit-based aid are supported to an even greater degree.

2014-15 Cost of Attendance

Direct Cost of Attendance (standard fees for which the student is billed)*
     Tuition and Student Activity Fees: $47,692
     Room and Meals: $11,972
     Total Direct Charges: $59,664

Indirect Costs (estimated additional expenses that vary for each student)
     Books: $1,090
     Personal Expenses: $1,600 **
     Total Indirect Costs: $2,690

Total Cost of Attendance $62,354

* Students who are not covered under a U.S. health-insurance policy will be billed for student health insurance.   The cost for this health insurance for the 14-15 academic year is $1656, to be billed in two equal installments, fall and spring.

** An additional allowance for travel expenses is estimated for families living outside of the mid-Atlantic region. The allowance is based upon distance from Dickinson College.