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Cost of Attendance

Determining Eligibility

Dickinson uses information that the family submits on the CSS PROFILE application to calculate an incoming student's eligibility for institutional financial assistance.  Financial aid eligibility is the difference between the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI) and the Cost of Attendance (COA). COA minus EFC/SAI equals Eligibility ("demonstrated need").  Students may renew their Dickinson grant in future years by completing a FAFSA (if eligibility for aid decreases, then the grant may decrease or go away).  If there's been a change in the family's financial situation, and you would like additional consideration, then file a new CSS PROFILE. 

Sample Financial Aid Awards

Example 1

John's estimated family contribution is $7,000. His financial aid eligibility is determined by subtracting his EFC/SAI ($7,000) from the Cost of Attendance ($77,212).  His demonstrated need is $70,212.

John's Financial-Aid Award:

 Dickinson Grant  $64,212
 Federal Direct Subsidized Loan  $3,500
 Federal Work Study  $2,500
 Total Financial Aid Award  $70,212

Example 2

Kristen's estimated family contribution is $25,000. Her financial eligibility is determined by subtracting her EFC/SAI ($25,000) from the Cost of Attendance ($77,212). Her demonstrated need is $52,212.  Kristen has also been awarded a merit scholarship, which is a part of her financial aid award.

Kristen's Financial Aid Award:

 John Dickinson Scholarship  $ 20,000
 Dickinson Grant  $ 26,212
 Federal Direct Subsidized Loan  $ 3,500
 Federal Work Study  $ 2,500
 Total Financial Aid Award  $ 52,212

John and Kristen may also consider all, or a combination of, the following non-need-based resources to assist in meeting their family contributions: an additional $ 2,000 Unsubsidized Direct Loan; a PLUS (parent) loan; and/or a monthly payment plan (to divide semi-annual payments into smaller monthly amounts).  Please see Loans and Financing Options for additional help.