The Dickinson College Board of Trustees has approved the following costs for the 2022-2023 academic year for the undergraduate program. This page aims to provide a close estimate of yearly billed expenses for admitted and current students who have a financial aid offer, but may not cover every scenario. For a full listing of charges, please visit the Annual Tuition and Fees Page.


Tuition & Fees

Full-time (3 or more courses): $61,326
Part-time (Matriculated): $7,667 per course for course(s)

Meal Plan

Any20/Flex 1/Flex 2 Meal Plan: $7,718
Apartment Flex Meal Plan (must be in Apartment Housing): $7,218

Housing Options

Regular Double Room (Standard): $8,220
Single Room: $8,870
Triple Room: $7,870
Apartment Double/Triple Room: $9,170
Apartment Single Room: $9,820

Other Charges

Sum these items in "Total for Other Charges" if applicable:

Health Insurance: $2,523 (may be waived if adequate coverage provided by student or parent)
Performance Lesson Fee: $375 per semester for 30min per week / $750 for 1 hour per week
Orientation & Transcript Fees (1st years, 1st semester only): $125

Total for Other Charges (omit punctuation):



Dickinson College Merit or Music Scholarship (omit punctuation)

Other Scholarships (omit punctuation)


Dickinson Grant (omit punctuation)

Federal/State Grant (omit punctuation)

Other Grants (omit punctuation)


Dickinson College Loans (omit punctuation)

Federal/State Loans (omit punctuation)
If borrowing federal student loans and looking for an exact figure, please account for the origination fees. You can calculate these via the loan fee calculator.

Other Loans (omit punctuation)

Estimated Total

Charges: $0
Credits: $0
Balance Due: $0

Payment plans and additional loan and financing options are available to assist with your estimated total.