The Bunny Room.

Brittney Polinka

Carly Snider


In this room, the children learn through play in learning centers that include dramatic play, science, library, creative art, blocks, puzzles, computer and circle areas. Learning activities are theme-based. The children develop emerging reading readiness skills and math skills, as well as physical and social skills. The teacher will incorporate the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards into all learning activities.



Weekly Lesson Plan

Daily Schedule
 7:30-9:30  Arrival/Free Play
 9:30-9:45  Jobs/Calendar/Bathroom
 9:45-10:00  Morning Snack
 10:00-10:10  Book Time
 10:10-10:20  Circle (letter/number of the day, PATH/Bucket lesson)
 10:20-10:40  Journals/Writing & Drawing Activities
 10:40-11:00  Lesson/Story
 11:00-12:00  Outside/Inside Free Play
 12:00-12:45  Lunch
 12:45-1:00  Clean Up & Prep for Rest
 1:00-2:15  Rest Time
 2:15-2:30  Book Time on Cot/Bathroom
 2:30-3:30  Kindergarten Readiness Centers (phonics, sight words, writing activities)
 3:30-3:45  Afternoon Snack
 3:45-4:00  Book Time/Bathroom
 4:00-5:30  Outside/Inside Free Play