Students & Faculty Solve Problems

Students doing turtle research

Dickinson students and faculty conduct research that contributes to creating sustainable solutions to pressing problems of our times. Our research encompasses a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, as reflected in a recent inventory of sustainability research at Dickinson. Review our inventory of student research presentations since 2010 that highlight much of this work.

Student Research Opportunities:

Student sustainability research takes a variety of forms. Students can register for Independent Research or Independent Study and receive academic course credit for original research or advanced level study on a selected topic that is performed independently with supervision of a member of the faculty. Students can also work closely with a member of the faculty on a collaborative student-faculty research project. Information about these special approaches to study can be found in the academic bulletin. Another option is to work on a project for a faculty member as a paid Research Assistant. We also coordinate many students to present their curricular and co-curricular research at conferences.

Faculty Research Opportunities:

Faculty members can apply to the Center for Sustainability Education for a Sustainability Education Fund grant to support student-faculty research projects and student research assistants, as well as for teaching and professional development projects that are sustainability related.