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Student Snapshot: Dylan Yang ’23

Dylan Yang,

It wasn’t easy to adjust to stay-at-home guidelines during the pandemic, but the rewards have been great, says philosophy major Dylan Yang ’23. He relates what drew him to his major subject, why his professors are amazing and more.


Needham, Massachusetts.



Clubs and organizations:  

Infernos, Jazz Ensemble, DICE, Dickinson Climbing Team and Badminton Club.


Dean’s List and Alpha Lambda Delta.

Favorite book:

No specific book, but my favorite authors are Rick Riordan and Vladimir Nabokov.

Favorite movie:

Parasite (2019), The Dark Knight (2008), 12 Angry Men (1957) and Zootopia (2016), among others.

Best thing about my major:

The fascinating topics, which lend themselves to thought-provoking discussions. You don’t have to be a philosophy major to do philosophy! Also, all the passionate and friendly people I’ve met in the department.

Favorite class/learning experience:

Favorite is not the word I would use, but I think the most important learning experience that we’ve all had to go through has been the transition from in-person/on-campus classes to remote and virtual classes this fall. It has been really tough for everyone, but the incredible resilience and adaptability which was necessary as we learned to be productive, self-motivated and patient while working from home will likely be the most defining learning experience I will have had during my time at Dickinson.

Favorite place on campus:

The Quarry.

Favorite professor:

Dickinson has so many amazing and fun professors that it would be criminal for me to only pick one! Just to highlight three: Professor of Italian and Film Studies Nicoletta Marini Maio, who taught my Intro to Film Studies class, was so passionate and encouraging. My advisor, Associate Professor of Philosophy Jim Sias, who teaches Intro to Ethics and Evil (among other classes), is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. And Assistant Professor of Philosophy Amy McKiernan, whom I haven’t even had a class with yet but has been helping me personally, is unbelievably friendly and welcoming.

If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be …

… Julius Caesar; I am curious to know how his strategic mind worked. He could also likely answer some historical and cultural questions we have about ancient Rome.

About my internship:

Last summer I was a Presidential Fellow for Dickinson’s Presidential Discovery Initiative. Throughout the summer, myself and other current Dickinson students reached out to, corresponded with, and interviewed alumni about their Dickinson experiences and their lives after graduation. We were able to interview over 1,200 alumni in total. Personally, I was able to develop professional communication and networking skills. I am proud of the work we accomplished, and I look forward to continuing this project in its third year later this summer.

Little-known hobby/talent:

I taught myself how to beatbox. I know how to do a cartwheel, and I used to be a hurdler. In terms of hobbies: video games, films and media (YouTube, etc.).

Best thing about my Dickinson experience:

The faculty at Dickinson are by far the best aspect of my Dickinson experience. The wealth and variety of knowledge they have, the effort and care they put into their teaching, and the open and friendly personalities are truly what have defined my experience so far.

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Published March 10, 2021