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Podcast: Dickinson College Professors Probe the Unseen World of Rattlesnake Dens

Photo of man on snowshoes walking up a steep, snow-covered hillside.

Professor of Earth Sciences Ben Edwards hauls ground-penetrating radar equipment up a snow-covered hillside in Colorado. Photo by Associate Professor of Biology Scott Boback.

The Good: Season 2, Episode 8 - April 2019

We travel to the snowy mountains of Colorado, where a team of Dickinson researchers is collaborating to learn more about rattlesnake dens. Associate Professor of Biology Scott Boback, Professor of Earth Sciences Ben Edwards and Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences Jorden Hayes are using ground-penetrating radar to get a better look at snakes underground.

Plus, Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester reveals last month's trivia answer, and he has a new question about who gets the "last word" at Commencement. Email your answer to for a chance to win Dickinson swag. And President Margee Ensign has a challenge for all Dickinsonians.



Three Dickinson professors spent spring break looking at the unseen world of rattlesnake dens using ground-penetrating radar, or GPR. You might remember GPR from the podcast's second episode, where students in Hayes' environmental geophysics class used it to seek out unmarked graves.

Brain Teaser: "Nothing to Doff At"

President Margee Ensign discusses The Revolutionary Challenge, a chance for Dickinsonians to share their great ideas.

The Good is produced by Craig Layne and Christine Baksi in association with Dickinson College's Office of Marketing & Communications. Craig Layne is the host.

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Published April 24, 2019