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Externships Open Doors for Students, Alumni and Friends of the College

Through externships, students gain a unique perspective into a field or position that interests them, and allows them to interact with notable alumni and friends of the college.

(From left to right) Jack Ward '20, Valerie Busch '20 and Schuyler Leff '21 pose in the lobby of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where their externships were hosted by Shaun Lorraine '04.

Externships offer perspectives on wide range of careers

by Kandace Kohr

This January, Dickinson's externship program gave more than 100 students the chance to learn about careers ranging from finance to entertainment by interacting with notable alumni, parents and friends of Dickinson College. Offered though the Center for Advising, Internships & Lifelong Career Development, externships provide students with a two- to 10-day glimpse into the professional world through job shadowing, informational interviews and short projects hosted by Dickinsonians at a wide range of workplaces.

Elizabeth Imphong ’21 (English, policy management) participated in an externship at the Case Foundation with John Jones IV ’11, VP of interactive strategies. Imphong was interested in the Case Foundation, which creates programs to support entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, because she was looking for insight into the nonprofit field. Having an alum provide that insight made it all the more valuable. “The most insightful part of the externship for me was asking questions from an alum and getting to know how Dickinson College helped him land his current job,” she says. 

Kayden Tucker ’22 (undeclared) took an externship at United Talent Agency, one of the largest talent agencies in the world, which represents such entertainment industry stars as Angelina Jolie and Terry Crews. Having grown up in a family of industry veterans, Tucker became interested in entertainment early, and he hopes to further explore that path after Dickinson.

“[The externship] made me more aware of the opportunities that can be made through a talent agency,” he says.

Through externships, students gain a unique perspective into a field or position that interests them, and allows them to interact with notable alumni and friends of the college.

Kayden Tucker '22 (undeclared) poses in front of the sign at United Talent Agency, where he got an inside glimpse into the entertainment industry.

Under the wing of  I-Corps Entrepreneurship Outreach Program Coordinator Dario Vasquez ’09, Matt Hunt ’19 (music, international business & management) got a behind-the-scenes look at entrepreneurial programming at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. “I figured that learning more about NYC’s startup environment could help me build a network as I begin applying for positions in the NYC area,” says Hunt.


The benefits of the externship program, however, go beyond students. For hosts like James Greenwood ’73, president and CEO of Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), hosting an externship provided insight into how young people view his field.

“It was interesting for me to observe Ali as he thought his way through the positive aspects of drug development and the benefit that new medicines offer patients as well as the criticism the industry faces surrounding concerns about affordable access to these medicines,” says Greenwood, who hosted Ali Bayat ’19 (biochemistry & molecular biology). (In this Snapchat takeover, Bayat provides a firsthand view of what it’s like inside a large biotechnology trade association.)

Mollie Kramer ’15 echoes Greenwood, noting that one of the most rewarding aspects of the experience is watching the students learn and grow. Kramer hosted Samuel Hrncir ’20 (computer science) and is an office administrator at Enterprise Knowledge, where a handful of Dickinson alumni work under the leadership of President and CEO Zach Wahl ’98.

“As the host, it was great to see how Sam developed and learned over such a short period of time," says Kramer. "Putting together his daily agenda myself allowed me to ensure that Sam was exposed to each different service area here, and to several coworkers with different educational and career backgrounds. Before Sam arrived, I wasn’t sure how much someone could really learn in just a five-day span, but I was impressed by how much he was able to take away from this experience.”

For more information on hosting a student for Dickinson’s January 2020 externship program, visit the externships info page or contact Annie Kondas, associate director of career services, at or 717-245-1740. Students interested in winter externship opportunities should submit the externship application; those who qualify to participate are then matched to an externship. Learn more on the student externship page.



Published January 29, 2019