Business is an uncommon major at liberal-arts colleges, and Dickinson’s major is especially unique.

At Dickinson, we approach the study of business and management through a broad-based liberal-arts lens. Successful business decisions are predicated on a comprehensive understanding of our complex world and the interplay of issues in many fields, which a liberal-arts education is best able to provide.

Also, business operates across national borders, and this requires managers to develop a global mindset. The Department of International Business & Management at Dickinson incorporates a global perspective in all of its courses, not just a select few. We require our students to develop advanced proficiency in foreign language and culture. And we strongly encourage our students to take advantage of an academic year, semester or summer immersion program abroad.

The international business & management major opens doors for students to frame business decisions in consideration of societal and environmental factors, and we align our approach with the college's sustainability mission—encompassing environmental, human, economic and societal sustainability.

By providing students with a practical and useful education, it is our goal to nurture a new generation of leaders who possess those Dickinson dimensions required to inspire others to generate creative, integrative and ethical solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century. We strive to equip our students not only with a broad knowledge of management but also with skills and attitudes that are most in demand: analytical, communication and team skills; ethical decision-making and judgment; and an entrepreneurial outlook.

The international business & management faculty is committed to collaboration with our students to make their study at Dickinson a fruitful experience that will become the foundation of lifelong learning and success.

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Michael Fratantuono
Associate Professor of International Studies, Business and Management

Department Coordinator:
Laura Weber
Academic Department Coordinator


Althouse Hall, room 118
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