1. Complete or be currently enrolled in three of the four core INBM courses:
    • INBM 100
    • INBM 110
    • ECON 111
    • ECON 112
  2. Download a Major Declaration Form or pick up a hard copy from the Registrar's office.  In ink, fill in your Banner ID# and name, and check the box for the INBM major.  Also, sign and date the form.
  3. Have your current (your soon to be previous) advisor sign the form.
  4. Meet with your new advisor. In an effort to balance the number of advisees among INBM faculty, professors who are currently accepting new advisees are identified below.  Choose one of these professors as your new advisor. It is a good idea to complete the Academic Planning Worksheet prior to meeting with your new advisor so that you two can discuss your course plan for the major.
  5. Have the INBM Department Chair sign your form.  The current chair is Prof. Dengjian Jin. His office is Althouse 211. If Prof. Jin is not in his office when you stop by, leave your form in the mailbin by his office door and send him an email to let him know you have dropped off your form.  He will sign your form as soon as possible and email you to let you know it is signed.
  6. Take your fully completed and signed form to the Registrar's office.

INBM Professors Currently Accepting New Advisees

Steve Erfle

Steve Erfle is author of Intermediate Microeconomics: An Interactive Approach, Textbook Media Press, 2016, and is coauthor of Managerial Economics: Economic Tools for Today’s Decision Makers, 7th edition, Pearson, 2013 with Paul Keat and Philip Young. He is interested in interdisciplinary research and teaching pedagogy. He has consulted for Seagram Classics Wine Company, BlueSky Investment Management, Forum on Education Abroad, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health and his published research ranges from economics and economic pedagogy to political geography and communications theory to physical education and public health. The link above takes you to his current project, a recreational math book called Playing with Polygons.

Xiaolu Wang

Xiaolu Wang earned his B.S., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2004; M.A., Columbia University, 2009; M. Phil., 2010, Ph.D., 2015.

Joy Middaugh

Joy Middaugh received her M.B.A. from Kutztown University in 1999. She holds a B.S.B.A. in Accounting and Finance from Shippensburg University. In addition, she has been a licensed C.P.A. in the state of Pennsylvania since 1994 and has extensive experience teaching all levels of financial and managerial accounting at Penn State University. After several years in public accounting, she transitioned to the roles of Controller and then Chief Financial Officer in the technology industry. She also has significant experience in the areas of integrated accounting systems, entrepreneurship and equity financing.

You can find out more about these faculty members here.