Reinvest Dickinson - 6/27/13 Presentation by Will Kochtitzky

Finance and Endowment - 6/27/13 Presentation by Stephen Hietsch

Associate Vice President for Financial Operations and Auxillary Services Stephen Hietsch delivered the above presentation on Dickinson Finance and Endowment during the June 27, 2013 SITF meeting.

Investure - 7/25/13 Presentation by Investure

The above are excerpts from a presentation given by Investure at the July 25, 2013 SITF meeting.

Energy Economics - 8/27/13 Panel Discussion

Energy Economics - 8/27/13 Presentation by Tony Underwood

Educating for Sustainability - 9/24/13 Presentation by Neil Leary

Sustainability in Operations - 10/8/13 Presentation by Ken Shultes

Climate Action Plan - 10/24/13 Presentation by Ken Shultes

ESG/Sustainability Discussion - 02/2014 Investure Position on Sustainable Investing