Remote Learning Guide for Students with Accommodations

Bye-Bye Blue Forms! 

Whether you'll be studying in-person or remotely, hard copy Accommodation Letters and Blue Forms are now a thing of the past! Learn more about ADS' new accommodation set-up process called the Access Plan (also accessible by this handy shortcut:

Extended Time on Tests

For those professors who choose to give tests through Moodle, it would be prudent to ask if they have (or will) set you up with extended time for your exams. If they're not sure how to do this, let them know that they can email for guidance. 

Digital Access to Print Books

Digital scans of over 180,000 of the print books owned by the Waidner-Spahr Library are now available to all current students, faculty, and staff to check out for 60 minutes at a time. This is made possible through Dickinson's membership in HathiTrust, which is offering temporary online access. These instructions will provide information for obtaining remote access to HathiTrust, and links to additional resources for accessing materials remotely are available from the library's homepage.

Ensuring You've Got All the Tools You Need

If you have not yet downloaded Microsoft Office, now's the time. It's free for all Windows and Mac computers. Just navigate here and click "Install Office" in the upper-right corner to get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, and much more for free.  

OneNote: Note-taking and Data-Storing Application 


If your professor allows you to take notes using your laptop, we strongly recommend using OneNote for note-taking. Free to download through Office 365, OneNote enables you to create digital notebooks that you can access from anywhere. You can type or draw in OneNote, as well as insert tables, pictures, files, videos, and more. You can also dictate text that it will type up for you, have text read aloud, and even have it record as you're typing. Check it out!


How to Upload Hand-Written Work Using Your Phone

We recommend using Microsoft Office Lens to capture your handwritten notes and sync them to OneNote. See Office Lens guidance for iOS and Android.

You can also use CamScanner or Genius Scan to convert your notes to PDF format for use with software such as Read & Write (located under "STUDY SKILLS RESOURCES.")

Writing Support

The Writing Center will provide all support online. You will be able to schedule live-online sessions with peer tutors using WCOnline. Concerns about connectivity and challenges with time zone differences should be directed to Noreen Lape or John Katunich.


We have created two new pages to support students' navigation of online learning, and they've gotten lots of great feedback. CHECK 'EM OUT: Time Management and Academic Success and Social, Emotional, and Mental Wellness.

You may find it very difficult to stay on task with so many distractions, so to be successful, you will need to tap as many time-management resources as you can. Check out the Time Management Strategies tips and "Distraction Blocker" tools on the Study Skills and Strategies page of the SOAR website.

If you have recommendations for helpful apps or tips that you think we should add to either page, we'd love to know about them! Please send a link, a description, and a "promo pitch" to
Let's SOAR through these new experiences together! 


If you think of something we haven't covered, send your question(s) to We'll be creating a "Questions and Answers" section and we'll post your question here anonymously, along with a response.