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Librarians are trained professionals who help library users find information needed for papers and other projects. Librarians can help you:

  • find information (books, articles, and more)
  • choose the most relevant resources for your topic
  • improve your search strategy
  • critically evaluate information, and
  • cite sources properly.

Librarians are available on weekdays and Sunday afternoons and may be reached by email (ask@dickinson.libanswers.com), text message (717-366-6623), or online chat. Individual librarians are also available by appointment.

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Web of Knowledge (also known as Web of Science) searches arts and humanities, social science, and science materials, and allows users to see what other articles have cited a chosen paper. It provides access to Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Science and Social Sciences Citation Indexes, Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Book Citation Index, Current Chemical Reactions, and Index Chemicus.

Annual Reviews provides articles that capture current understanding of a topic. They set the work in historical context, highlight the major questions that remain to be addressed and the likely course of research in upcoming years, and outline the practical applications and general significance of research to society. Disciplines include biomedical sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, public health, and social sciences. 

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