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Faculty Guidelines for Implementing Academic Accommodations

Guidelines for Implementing Academic Accommodations

Meeting with Students to Devise an Accommodation Implementation Plan

Students whose accommodations are in place over the summer are instructed to meet with their professors in the first two weeks of classes and to complete a plan together.

Test-Taking Accommodations

From extended time on tests to testing in a distraction reduced environment to use of a computer for essay exams, learn more about how the process works and how Disability Services can support you if test proctoring is needed.

Note-Taking Accommodations

Information if an eligible student requests a note-taker. You'll find a script for soliciting a volunteer, a note-taker application and instructions on what to do when you've found one.

Computer Use for Note-Taking

Students with this accommodation have both rights and responsibilities. Learn what they are and how to avoid "outing" these students as having disabilities.